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Announcing: Dallas Points & Miles Meetup Group (Join Now and First Event Info!)

File under: things I’ve been wanting to do for a looong time – a proper points & miles meetup!

I was lucky enough to regularly attend meetups when I lived in New York a few years ago and always had a blast hanging out with the community. And looked for something similar in the Dallas area – I’ve missed the chance to geek out on points, miles, and travel. I got tired of waiting and made a group myself!

dallas points meetup

Now open for new members – Out for Miles!

Allow me to introduce Out for Miles – the first event will be March 15, 2018!

A new Dallas meetup is open

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Gauging Interest: Dallas Points & Miles Meetup & an Out and Out Slack Channel

Back when I lived in New York, I grew fond of the Reach for the Miles Meetup group organized by Mike from Upgrd and Stefan from Rapid Travel Chai. And I miss that now that I’m based in Dallas.


Wanna meet IRL in Dallas?

There currently isn’t a Dallas points & miles meetup, but I’m interested in putting one together if there’s enough interest. It costs time and money to organize, but I’m willing to put in the work if peeps want to show up to network and talk about all things points & miles.

I’m also currently engaged in a Slack channel organized by Dan from Points With a Crew. And I had a thought to start a new one.

Calling anyone who might be interested in either!

The Meetup

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Tomorrow: NYC Miles and Points Meetup! 6pm in East Village!

Grab a drink and mix

Grab a drink and mix

If you’re in New York, come geek out for a few hours with other points and miles aficionados.

We talk about our trips, routing rules, best redemptions, the pros and cons of various business/first class products, and other awesome topics.

I’ve always had a great time and look forward to meeting new peeps!

Here’s the link to RSVP.

The 411:

Professor Thom’s, 219 2nd Avenue, New York, NY (between 13 & 14 St)

Tuesday, June 23rd, 6-9pm

If you can’t make this one, join the Meetup group and come to the next one!

Bottom line

Come grab a brewsky and introduce yourself to other people who love points and travel!

Say hello if you see me!

Tonight: NYC Miles and Points Meetup! 6pm in East Village!

Better than a self-serve beer fridge at an airport lounge!

Better than a self-serve beer fridge at an airport lounge!

I usually say “points and miles” so typing “miles and points” was a bit of a strain for me lol.

In any regard, come grab a drinky poo with your fellow frequent flyers and points addicts hobbyists tonight in the East Village if you’re available. 6-9pm.

Here’s the link to the RSVP.

The 411:

Professor Thom’s, 219 2nd Avenue, New York, NY (between 13 & 14 St)

Thursday, January 29th, 6-9pm

And the upshot:

I was a Nervous Nelly at my first Meetup but over the past few months, I’ve gotten to know a few people here. It’s easy conversation, and you’re bound to hear someone mention something that’ll perk your ears up. Down a liquid courage and hop in.

Plus, there is nothing quite like geeking out about airlines/aircraft/weird routes/award bookings than with people who know exactly what you’re talking about.

Bottom line

Come one, come all. If I don’t post tonight, now you know why. 😉

Anyone been to one of these before, in NYC or another city? If you come tonight, say hello!