Hacking Uber: Earn Points, Cashback, and Credits Every Time You Ride 🚙

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I’ve been riding Uber more lately because they make it so easy to stack multiple offers when you ride.

earn points with uber

Oh, Uber. I am “getting there”

And, I’m hopeful they’re slowly but surely turning things around.

With Lyft, you can only earn 1X Delta miles – and 30 JetBlue points on airport trips. Which, meh.

I’d rather earn cashback and Drop points, use travel credits, and get Uber credits for shopping around town. And many times you can stack these deals. You know I love a good stack!

1. Easy win: $1 from Ibotta every time you ride

Update 4/29/18: This is no longer showing for all users. But it’s worth checking to see if it shows up for you!

This is an easy, easy win. I like easy wins.

Get $1 from Ibotta every time you take an Uber ride.

A buck back every time

Doesn’t matter how long or short the trip is. Simply open the Ibotta app, click through to Uber, and enter your ride details like usual.

After your trip ends, you’ll get an email from Ibotta saying $1 has been added to your account nearly instantly.

~$146 back to date!

It adds up! You can withdraw the cash to your PayPal or Venmo account (and then to your bank account) when you reach $20 in earned cashback.

Ibotta is also a nifty shopping app where you add offers and scan receipts to earn cashback when you shop. Here’s my review from way back in 2015. I’ve earned ~$146 since I’ve had it! Not bad for a free app – and it’s still going strong.

If you’re new to Ibotta, you can get a $10 bonus when you sign-up with my link and redeem 1 offer. So if you download it and take an Uber ride, you’ll have $11. Keep using it and you’ll have $20 in your bank account in no time.

Also if you take a $10 ride and get $1 back – that’s an easy 10% discount. I live for easy wins like this!

2. 50 cents per ride through Acorns

I wrote about Acorns, an app that lets you start investing for as little as $5. They have a cool feature called “Found Money” that’s essentially a cashback portal.

And if you can’t get $1 through Ibotta, you can maybe get 50 cents from each ride – this offer is also targeted.

Get 50 cents to invest every time you ride

There are also 60+ other merchants that let you earn money to invest – many of them with very good deals. But keep in mind, the money you earn is invested according to your risk tolerance. Still, it’s been than getting nothing.

Plus, you’ll get $5 for free when you sign up with my link!

3. 10 Drop points per $1 spent

Another easy win. Another app. This one’s set it and forget it.

Raking in the Drop points

You earn 10 drop points per $1 spent on Uber rides. Just download the app (you get $1 if you’re new to Drop), link your cards, and let Drop track the transactions. When you ride with Uber, you’ll see Drop points a couple of days later.

You can redeem Drop points for gift cards to popular merchants like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Groupon… and many more. Beyond download the app and linking your cards, this one is literally effortless. Just make sure to select Uber as one of your 5 ongoing offers. And peek at the app every once in a while to see if you can get a free gift card.

4.  Visa Local Offers

This one’s only for select cities, but it’s worth checking in the Uber app to see if you can join.

Uber credits when you link a Visa card

To check, open the app and click “Settings” from the menu in the top left. Scroll down to “Rewards” and see if you can opt-in. If you can, definitely do! Here’s what I see in Dallas:

10% at many merchants

My deals are mostly for restaurants, but Whole Foods caught my eye. There was also a local salon and coffee shop, so it’s not all restaurants. Although it overwhelmingly is.

That doesn’t bother me because I use my Chase Sapphire Reserve for dining anyway. And that’s a Visa.

The way it works is you pay with your Visa card, then the cashback percentage is added to your Uber account as a ride credit. So if you spend $50 on dinner or groceries, you can $5 off your next Uber ride.

And when you stack it with Ibotta and Drop, you get $1 back and 10 Drop points per $1 spent, too. Plus points from using a travel credit card. Pretty easy quadruple dip here. And when you can opt-in, you might find surprise credits in your Uber account for dining out.

And for the love of god, please sign up for a dining rewards program and earn some extra airline miles, too.

5. Travel credits!

I love this one. Lately, I’ve been using my US Bank Altitude Reserve Visa to pay for Uber rides. I have $325 in travel credits to use this year, and by god I’m gonna get my money’s worth.

Luckily, Uber rides count toward the credit. Many cards come with travel credits these daze:

That’s $825 in reimbursed rides each year.

These cards come with hefty annual fees. But in the case of the US Bank Altitude Reserve card, the $325 back in Uber rides brings the $400 annual fee down to $75. Plus, I get 12 Gogo passes for in-flight wifi, 3X points on mobile payments, and I got a sweet $750 sign-up bonus. All in all, a major score.

When you use travel credits, you can get:

  • Points for paying with your card
  • $1 back from Ibotta or 50 cents from Acorns
  • 10X Drop points
  • A completely free ride

I have a lot of these travel credits to burn. So getting $1 back from every ride and the credit card/Drop points is gravy. If you’re in the market for a travel rewards card, thank you for using my links. Oh and don’t forget the no annual fee Amex Ameriprise Platinum Card still has $0 annual fee the first year. 😉

6. $2 in Shop Your Way Rewards for every ride

This one’s automatic and stacks with all the other offers on this page. After you connect your accounts, you can earn $2 in Shop Your Way rewards for every ride you take.

Another easy win

There’s literally no effort beyond connecting your accounts, so you might as well get these rewards – they’re free and easy, so why not?

Bottom line

Gotta say, Uber is making it really easy to rake in extra points, cashback, and credits with a combination of deals out there right now. You can get:

  • $1 back from every ride with the Ibotta app (if the offer shows)
  • 50 cents back from every ride when you click through the Acorns app
  • 10 Drop points per $1 spent with the Drop app
  • Up to 10% back in credits through Visa Local Offers
  • Travel credits with certain travel rewards cards
  • $2 in Shop Your Way rewards for every ride

You also get the points you’d normally earn for paying with the right travel rewards card. And you can stack these in any combination!

At the very least, you should get $1 back from Ibotta by clicking through their app and 10X Drop points by setting up Drop once and letting it go. Visa Local Offers is opt-in and automatic, so that’s easy as well if it’s available in your city.

The other stuff – travel credits and extra credit card points – requires a little more planning, but man… if you can get a good stack going, the Uber savings are pretty great.

Are there other ways to save on Uber that I missed? 

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  1. If you have any use forShopYourWay points (good at Sears/Kmart), you can get $2 / ride. You link your accounts and the credits post automatically. It stacks with all of the other methods you discuss above.

    • In my account, it’s under “My Offers.” Or you can try to search by clicking the magnifying glass. Let me know if you find it!

      And another commenter let me know the offers DO stack!

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