Easy Win: Do the Dollar Shave Club Amex Offer and Get Some Free Stuff

So there’s a semi-complicated new Dollar Shave Club Amex Offer that you can approach in a couple of different ways.

Whichever way you wanna slice it, it’s extremely worthwhile because you end up with free stuff. If you have this Amex Offer in your account, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t get in on this.

Dollar Shave Club Amex Offer

Shave wit me

I’ll break it down and help you decide which route you should go, should you be a human who removes hair with a razor or bathes, and have this Amex Offer. Even if you don’t, read on.

Dollar Shave Club Amex Offer

Step 1. Load the Amex Offer

There are 2 versions of the offer:

  • Spend $10 at DSC and get a $10 statement credit
  • Spend $10 at DSC and get 1,000 Amex Membership Rewards points


Add the Amex Offer

Add the Amex Offer

I was targeted for the second version, which I find preferable. Why? Because I value those points at 2 cents each. So to me, that’s $20 for spending $10 – I get a free $10 right off the bat.

If you got the first version of the offer, that’s cool too. Because you spend $10 and get $10 – literally free.

Step 2. Buy a DSC gift card

Make sure you buy a $10 gift card. But click through TopCashback to get 12% back, or $1.20, for your efforts.


Get yer 12% back

There’s also an option to earn 15% on “razors,” but I don’t know what that means. And I’d rather go ahead and trigger the Amex Offer than have to worry about it. Also, for a $10 transaction the difference is only .30 cents and I’d rather have peace of mind.

Then go buy yerself a gift card.

I bought one for myself. Thanks, me!

I bought one for myself. Thanks, me!

You can purchase them for anyone, including yourself. Be sure to use the email you’ll eventually use to open a DSC account. Or the email you currently have on file with them.



Step 3. Load the gift card to your account

Here is where roads diverge in a wood.

New user via referral

If you don’t already have an account, you can get your first DSC box for $1 when you join via my link, regardless of which box you want.

There are 3 options:

  • The Executive: 6 blades, $9 for 4 cartridges each month
  • The 4X: 4 blades, $6 for 4 cartridges each month
  • The Humble Twin: 2 blades, $3 for 5 cartridges each month

But they’re all $1 the first month. After you join, you can apply the gift card you bought in Step 2.

It's easy to load the gift card to your account

It’s easy to load the gift card to your account

New user via Swagbucks

OK, or. You can join via Swagbucks and get a $5 starter box.

For doing that, you’ll get 475 Swagbucks (“SB”), and another 1,500 SB for your 2nd month. Doctor of Credit, as usual, has the most succinct and pertinent details.



However, you are locked into The Executive option. And you must say subscribed to that plan to earn the full amount. It adds up to $19.75 worth of SB, and you can still use your gift card from Step 2.

I personally don’t like this option because I like The 4X box. And I don’t like that SB are only redeemable for gift cards. That said, you could easily get a $20 Amazon gift card out of this whole dealio, which is definitely useful. I just prefer cashback is all. And I don’t need 6 blades.

As always, do what’s best for you, though.

Note: If you have FoundersCard, you get another $18 in DSC credit for a new account, which stacks with all this.

Existing user

If you already had a DSC account like I did, you can still do well here. Just add the credits to your account, pocket your $10 or 1,000 Amex Membership Rewards points, your $1.20 from TopCashback, and let the $10 credit play itself out.

Either way, you’re still coming out ahead and should take advantage of this opportunity.

Why I’m recommending this deal

Simply, DSC did me a solid.

After all, it was a $6 DSC charge that dropped my credit score 100 points (for The 4X box).

While it was absolutely an Amex issue, they proactively reached out and offered to send me a box of goodies.

From the Out and Out bathroom, thank you DSC!

From the Out and Out bathroom, thank you DSC!

I never expected anything nor did I blame them for what happened. But over the course of the exchange, I learned the people behind DSC are relatable, empathetic, and kind.

To me, that counts for a lot. I’ve also been trying and using the products for a while now – and they sell more than just razors. You can get:

  • Body wash
  • Chap stick
  • Face wash
  • Hair gel
  • Buttwipes lol
  • Etc.

The point is, you could use your $10 gift card for any of those – not just razors. The products smell yummy and most of them are under 3 ounces which means… TSA-friendly for travel.

That good people are behind the products is a big deal in my eyes – and I have to give them 2 thumbs up for being engaged with their community.

Plus, the stuff is free so get it while you can!

Bottom line

The Dollar Shave Club Amex Offer has a few facets – and all of them are worth exploring. No matter which route you decide, or if you’re a new or existing user, you can do well with this deal.

Not targeted at all? No matter, you can still get the 1st month of a subscription for only $1. Just please, for the love of god, remember to switch your payment method if you use an Amex card and cancel it later.

I hope everyone gets in on this deal. Remember to get the $10 gift card via TopCashback. I recently found out the peeps behind DSC are really kind people. So I had to share this easy win!

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  1. Had offer on 5 cards.After signup with additionalproduct to get over the 10.00 spend I was able to change cc in my acct and was offered free shipping somade 4 more purchases with other amex cc

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