Must Haves of Travel: Rose Petal Water

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I know, I know. There are a lot of “must-haves” now. So much to keep track of.

I have to get super judicious about these.

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Anyway, rose petal water.


I love to use natural remedies for skincare, in my hair, and pretty much everywhere.

But the first time I got a bottle of rose water and used it as a toner was a little piece of heaven.

This stuff right here

This stuff right here

The smell is incredible, for one. So light, and complex, and lovely.

It’s very hydrating, which is great for:

  • Flights!
  • Dry environments
  • Wintertime
  • Use as a toner after a hot shower (absolute bliss!)

People also use it for:

  • A light chemical-free perfume
  • A hair rinse
  • Bathwater scent
  • Aromotherapy
  • Scent in any homemade skin products, like face masks or scrubs

I know it sounds kinda crazy, but read the reviews!

When I got the bottle, I casually spritzed a little on as a toner. And then I practically bathed in it, it smelled – and felt – that good.

How to travel with it

I don’t have any huge hack or anything.

I just went to the dollar store on the corner and got a couple of spray bottles in various sizes. These 2 have served me quite well:

The bigger one for ACV, the small one for rose petal water

The bigger one for ACV, the small one for rose petal water

Something like this would probably work very well for all sorts of uses.

I like one that’s a little bigger for 5 to 7 day trips, and a slightly smaller one for weekend trips. Both of them easily fit in any bag or carry-on.

I fill them up, and toss them in a clear plastic Ziplock bag. Flash forward to the airport, where I breeze past security with TSA PreCheck, and then to wherever I’m staying – I use these to get ready in the morning and before bed at night. Then bring them home and put them in a cabinet, where they lie in wait for the next trip.

Easy peezy.

But why?

I like this brand because it’s 100% rose petal water. It’s made with rose petals and water. That’s it.

If you put it in the fridge and spritz it on in the morning, it 1. feels amazing on a hot summer day and 2. is perhaps the most refreshing thing on the planet.

If you have sensitive skin, dry skin, dark spots, zits, or just want an amazing toner that’ll leave you lightly scented and super soft, AND that’s all-natural, this stuff really can’t be beat.

Here are a few more health and beauty uses, and even more than focus on the culinary aspects (haven’t gotten that far yet!). But so far I’m loving it as a toner/body spray.

Bottom line

So yeah. My new thing. Rose water, rose petal water, whatever. This stuff. Heaven in a bottle.

For travelers, this is an excellent way to tone, refresh, and hydrate skin. It also has cleansing properties that keep your skin healthy, too.

I’ve been using rose petal water in addition to my coconut oil/apple cider vinegar routine, and must say, I’m very happy with how it’s going.

That’s all for now, back to the new Jewel album.

Whatever you’re doing, make it a good one! 🙂

Oh, and let me know if you’ve used rose petal water, or have any natural products you like to use!

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  1. To be fair, those with sensitive skin should avoid this product as the active ingredient in this, rosa damascena, is a strong irritant that can cause allergic reactions and skin dermatitis.

    Just because this product is all “natural” doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin: poison ivy is “natural” and you wouldn’t want to put that on your skin, would you?

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