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As someone with 3 Airbnb properties, I buy a TON of home supplies: paper products, cleaning supplies, and linens. And I love Kohl’s for bedding, towels, and pillows.

But for regular stocking up, there are a couple discount shopping sites I turn to. I also wanted a share a site I discovered that’s pure fun slash addicting if you like to shop.

discount shopping

Do you use these sites to save? I’m obssessed

Here are 3 go-to sites for discount shopping.


I heard about this one from my Mom. Here’s the deal: everything is $3. And none of it is branded – only as being brandless.

a box with products on a counter

Everything is $3 at Brandless

They have tons of popular items, like snacks, bathroom products, TP, pantry staples, and so much more. Literally everything on the site is $3.

a screenshot of a product

Tons of household items for cheap

Shipping is free once you hit $39 (13 items). But there’s so much that it’s easy to meet the minimum. Or you can spend under $39 and pay $5 for shipping.

You can also pay $36 a year for a membership that comes with unlimited free shipping (kinda like Amazon Prime).

a white background with black text

Brandless donates meals every time you shop

The company’s also committed to giving back through a partnership with Feeding America, which is a nice touch.

My Mom swears by the quality – she actually placed an order as I started writing this. She said she orders cleaning supplies and stuff for home. But she finds some of the food items are actually cheaper at stores like Trader Joe’s or Aldi. She also said if you look through the site, there are some legit great deals. And getting everything delivered to your door is convenient if you don’t have time or don’t feel like getting to the store.

Also, most of the food is organic and non-GMO. And the self-care items are paraben- and sulfate-free. So if you compare prices, make sure it’s apples to apples (meaning compare organic items to other organic items, and so on).

She also said the food quality varies from item to item, but some of it is amazing. And that the cleaning products all smell great and high-quality. Your first order ships free, so you can sample a few items for cheap if you’re curious.

2. Boxed

Think of Boxed as Costco without the membership. Everything is sold in bulk. And Amex is pretty good about having regular Amex Offers for Boxed. So you can save even more with a nice stacking of promotions.

a screenshot of a website

Boxed is worth a look if you order in bulk

You can earn cashback on your purchase – usually around 4% back. Check Cashback Monitor to see the current offers (you should do this every time you shop online, for nearly every store).

a screenshot of a cell phone

Get cashback when you shop

I’ve ordered paper goods and cleaning supplies from Boxed a few times and always had a good experience and quick delivery. Like every store, compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

I recommend waiting until an Amex Offer pops up. If you can earn points on your Amex card, get a statement credit, and earn cashback from a portal, that’s an easy way to save money and get the best price on pretty much every item.

If you’re new to Boxed and want to make an account with my link, you can also get $15 off your first $60+ order – and yes, that stacks with other promotions. So if you time it right, you can make out like a bandit and stock up for super cheap.

Boxed shines for snacks in particular, especially for peeps with kids or lots of visitors (I try to get breakfast bars and snacks for my Airbnb guests, for example). And their store brand, Prince & Spring, is great for basics and easily compares to the big brands.

3. Wish

Be warned: this one is addicting. If you like to browse and score great deals, this site (or app) can hook you big time.

a collage of a variety of items

Literally the devil

They sell everything – and the site is easy to search and user-friendly. It’s basically like a dollar store combined with Ebay and Groupon. The selection is insane and there’s just so much stuff on there. Lots of little novelties and conveniences.

a screenshot of a phone

Might as well claim a free item

Even if this isn’t your thing, you get a free item just for signing up. The selection of free stuff is huge. I got a USB charger that plugs into the car, so I can charge my phone while I drive. Only paid 50 cents for the shipping. Can’t comment on the quality (haven’t received it yet) – but a fun little perk anyway. Looking forward to seeing the quality when it arrives any day now.

Bottom line

All of these sites have deep discounts and great deals within – you just have to look a little to find them. I love getting a good deal, so I’m happy to take a look at a new service, especially if it saves me money on stuff I need to buy anyway.

While I’m mostly loyal to Costco, I occasionally supplement with other sites to fill in the gaps between trips. Brandless and Boxed are both worthy competitors for stocking up. And Wish is great for mindless shopping fun (plus you get a free trinket when you sign up).

If you’ve used these sites to shop, would you recommend them? Are there others that are better for saving? 

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  1. I like Brandless. I’ve only bought their kitchen utensils and some popcorn snack things. The utensils were a little clunky and thick in the handle for my taste, but the quality of them is good/fine. I have actually started to use them more as I get used to how they feel. The snacks were fine–would order them again. I get the feeling that they’re in the process of adding more products, so I’ll definitely keep paying attention.

    • My mom is obsessed with Brandless. It’s kind of hard to feel bad about buying little household things from there, as they’re only $3 to try. Plus, they’re a Cali company! :p

      Thank you for sharing the mini-review and for reading.

  2. It’s truly educational kind of blog, alot of groundbreaking thoughts and brand data in it which helps much for thoses who need to utilize this sorts of brands.I truly value along these lines.

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