Allbirds 6-Month Review: How Are These Travel Shoes Holding Up?

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A little over 6 months ago, I wondered if Allbirds might be the perfect travel shoe. I tend to replace my shoes about every 6 months. But I’m happy to report the Allbirds still look and feel great. Though there is the usual wear and tear.

Allbirds 6-Month Review

My Allbirds held up wonderfully. And I have NOT been kind to them

I’ve worn them nearly every day and along all my travels. I tend to wear out my shoes. But whereas my old New Balances would’ve been literally falling apart at the 6-month mark, the Allbirds still have plenty of life left in them.

I want another pair!

Allbirds 6-Month Review

Six months ago, spending $95 on a pair of shoes seemed like a gamble. But now, I still have great, comfy shoes will plenty more time left on the clock. I’m impressed and satisfied with Allbirds and how they’ve held up.

Dancing in my Allbirds 🙂

There is some natural wear and tear which is totally to be expected. I estimate I have a few more months of intense wear left for these shoes. If they make it through to July, that’d make a whole year with the same shoes – pretty remarkable.

Plus, they’ve been warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The wool is breathable and holds up to most weather quite well.

Allbirds condition after 6 months of near-daily wear

The smooth white sole of the shoe is no longer totally smooth or white – but a little crinkled and grayish. Though the top wool part still looks new and fresh.

Note: These photos were taken after throwing the shoes in the washing machine.

Closeup of the “crinkles” on the heel from walking around

This is what I mean by crinkles. The heels have the most wear from the pressure of standing and walking.

From the other side

The bottoms have worn pretty thin. The original traction, what little there was, has completely faded away where my tread is heaviest: on the ball of the foot. It’s by no means worn all the way through yet. And there’s still a thick cushion inside the shoe. But I’ll likely toss these shoes when this part has worn down to a nub.

Based on the last few months, I’d say I have another 3 or 4 months before that happens. But who knows. They might hang on for longer.

The ball of the foot area has the most wear on the bottom

Side view

Another concern from several readers was the toe area might stretch or rip. I have very slight bunching in that area. But nothing too bad that I’d need a repair or reinforcement for it.

The fabric near the toe stretched out a bit, but nothing major

Marks on the bottom, but the top is nearly pristine

All-in-all, these shoes look a ton better after 6 months than my old New Balances did. I chose a neutral gray color, which match nearly all my outfits. But I’d like a second pair – something else to rotate into the mix.

They look great with most outfits

$95 for a pair of neutral, logo-free, nice-looking shoes that easily last 6 months is a solid purchase.

If I had to change one thing, I’d prolly make the sole a little thicker… though that would reduce some of the “walking on a cloud” feeling. Which is where the crinkles come from. Hmmm. On second thought, I wouldn’t change anything.

Most of the wear is on the bottom anyway. The tops look as new as the day I got them. At this point… yeah, I’m a life-long customer as long as the quality remains.

Take them with you

I recommend a pair of these bad boys for walking around town, running errands, hanging out… and especially for traveling.

All the pros:

  • So easy to slip on and off
  • Super light, and the tops flatten to fit into your suitcase
  • Just the right amount of snug, but have a little stretch if your feet expand from flying
  • Can handle miles of walking per day
  • Are right for most weather situations (from Texas summer to Colorado winter, and everything in between)
  • Look great with nearly any outfit
  • Dress up or down easily

Many times, they’re the only shoes I take on a trip, unless I need flip flops for the beach or boots for snow. After spending some time with Allbirds, I can safely say: they’re the perfect travel shoe. And so so comfy!

Bottom line

I am loving my Allbirds. I dare say they’re a “must-have of travel after buying my first pair 6 months ago.

$95 for a shoe that looks and feels this good – and holds up this well – is a great choice. And I’ll still get a few more months of heavy wear from them. My only dilemma is which color to get next. For scooting around town, traveling, and hanging out, these shoes have done right by me.

If you have a pair, how does your experience compare? Do you love them as much as I do?

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  1. Hello; What is the sizing like? I have had a hard time finding shoes in general. I usually wear a size 14 or 15 extra wide. I also have a left big toe that tends to swell and push my pinky toe into the side of the shoe. So, wondering about these shoes. Do you know if there is a supplier for them in Texas in the United States? Thanks for sharing, Max

    • Hey Max! Allbirds has a sizing guide here: It looks like you might be a size 14. But you can play around with the options. You can also send them back for ANY reason and get a full refund within 30 days.

      They’re online only with 2 stores (in NYC and San Fran), so there’s no place to go and try them on. Order a pair if you’re interested, you can always send them back risk-free. I love ’em!

  2. I completely love my loungers and wear them almost any day. I’m traveling to Ireland this summer though, and don’t know how they’ll do in Irish weather. Have you had any experience?

    • Yes, actually! I’d say they’re fine in a drizzle or light rain because they dry quickly. In a heavy downpour, nothing replaces proper rain boots (but you wouldn’t want to be outside then anyway). I think you’ll be just fine in Ireland this summer. Hope you’re going to Cork – I LOVED that city! 🙂

  3. Read your review and was glad to see all the positives. Mine arrived today and I plan to take them to Disney World. I sure hope I feel as satified as you at the end of the trip.

    • I wore mine all through a 14+ hour trek in Disneyland last summer! It was perfect for navigating the park. I wore it again at Universal Studios in FL this past fall. They got quite drenched in a few water rides, but nothing a quick wash & dry couldn’t fix!

  4. Thank you for your review! I am going to China next month and looking for a pair of shoes to bring (I just want ONE) and you’ve sold these! Thanks!!

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