Allbirds Alternative for Guys: Try These Stylish Travel Shoes for Only $40

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Last year, I championed Allbirds shoes because they look great, last a long time, and feel like walking on a cloud. I wore them every time I traveled – and walked 100s of miles in them.

For $95 a pair, that’s a great price for shoes you’ll have for up to a year. I wore them until the grip on the soles wore off and little holes appeared in the bottom. I’m rough on my shoes, and get a certain amount of pride from putting them through the wringer. I need my shoes to carry me from place to place – and I am not kind to them when I’m on the go.

So when I found a similar shoe for $40, I decided to give it a go. Urban Fox shoes are just as comfy, stylish, and simple as Allbirds. And I dare say – even more comfortable.

Allbirds Alternative

These are NOT Allbirds. They’re $40 and even more comfy. Why pay $95 for the same look?

After walking around FinCon for a solid week in these bad boys, I can confidently say they’re the real deal. And while I like the sustainability/green choice factor with Allbirds, I also like paying $40 instead of $95 for a similar product.

Are Urban Fox shoes the best Allbirds alternative?

The company that makes these shoes, Urban Fox, only creates men’s products.

After my Allbirds bit the dust, I wore my old New Balance shoes until those, too, eventually died. I thought about getting another pair of Allbirds, but decided to research before committing. I’m glad I did, because it led me to these Urban Fox wool sneakers.

I think these are my new “one pair” when I travel

I want a shoe I can take when I travel. Something simple – no flashy logos – that’s easy to slip on and off, has great support, and can dress up or down. Essentially, I want to take one pair of shoes when I travel and have those shoes be neutral and versatile enough for any environment.

Like Allbirds, the Urban Fox Parker shoes have a wool top, thick padded bottom, and removable insole.

You’ll also notice they’re similar colors, shape, and overall design.

These are Allbirds – can you tell the difference?

There are only ~20 reviews online, but 80% of them are 5 stars. Peeps love how lightweight they are, the comfort, and the wool material used for the top.

They also come in gray/white and black/black

After absorbing the reviews and seeing they were only $40, I decided to give them a shot. And took them as my only pair to FinCon, where I knew I’d be walking a lot.

The black/black variety look very sleek

After raving about them at FinCon, a friend ordered a pair to try – and he loves them as much as I do, so far.

Urban Fox Vs Allbirds

The dark gray color I got is nearly identical to my old Allbirds. So is the bottom, and general look.

One thing I like much more on the Urban Fox shoes is the support. Whereas Allbirds got a “crinkle” in the heel area, the Urban Fox Parker is stacked solid. It is thick and cushy and bouncy all at the same time. It really feels like walking on air. I cannot overstate how good the support feels.

As far as other elements, the wool top feels just like Allbirds. The laces are the same. The bottom actually has a little more grip than Allbirds. It feels more solid, like it can stand a lot more impact – which is awesome.

I like the traction on these puppies

The bottoms have a wavy design imprinted whereas Allbirds are completely smooth. But it’s not a dealbreaker at all.

The final difference is invisible. Allbirds are all about sustainability and being kind to nature. I don’t know where Urban Fox stands on those issues. In fact, I’d never even heard of the brand and can’t find an official website for them. So I don’t really know where they come from or what their corporate posturing is on that.

Buck for buck, these shoes are comfy as heck

But I do understand the difference between $40 and $95 for similar items. After trying them, they’re good enough to challenge the title of “world’s most comfortable shoe.”

Bottom line

Allbirds were the only show in town for a while there. So I’m glad to see competition in the wool top/travel shoe arena. There are lots more out there. But when I saw these Urban Fox Parker shoes for $40 on Amazon with free shipping, I couldn’t resist trying them out.

If you’re looking for a comfy shoe to wear pretty much anywhere with incredible support, I definitely recommend them. The price is almost too good to believe. And I like them more from a support perspective, which is important to me.

Be sure to check out my original Allbirds review and 6-month followup for more comparison. I’m looking forward to 6+ months of roaming in these shoes!

Guys, would you consider these instead of Allbirds? Let me know if you snag a pair, or another alternative!

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  1. I look forward to the 6 month update. I’m also someone that is hard on shoes, And unfortunately I’ve found that knockoffs can be great at first and then quickly deteriorate.

  2. Fincon was a lot of walking that’s for sure! My husband loves to walk around the neighborhood and stay active these would be perfect and they are affordable. I might have to get them for him. Thanks for the review!

    • Yeah, my first week with them was in Orlando! And I’m currently in Texas – hot and humid is all I’ve known! :p

      They’re very breathable, which I really like.

  3. Does urban fox not make these anymore? I can’t even find a website for the company much less the parkers in stock anywhere.

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