Yup, FoundersCard Still Offers Caesars Total Rewards Diamond Status Through 2017

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The title says it all.

I’ve written about FoundersCard a lot over the years. Some peeps think it’s phooey, others love it. I’m in the latter camp.

The selection of ancillary benefits reads like a round-up of the best of the best from co-branded cards (free TripIt Pro, Hilton Gold elite status, Cathay Pacific Silver elite status, 10% off British Airways flights).

The one benefit I’m consistently asked about is Total Rewards Diamond elite status.

It still works

I’m by no means at expert at gambling, nor do I visit Las Vegas very often, but having status at your casino of choice gets you a lot of great perks, similar to hotel loyalty programs.

With Total Rewards Diamond elite status, you get:

  • Room discounts
  • Access to priority lines at check-in and restaurants, which can save you a lot of time
  • Diamond Lounge access
  • No resort fees
  • $100 off a Celebration Dinner

So, the perks can be meaningful as far as getting value and saving time. Worth getting FoundersCard for it? That’s up to you to decide.


SPG and Caesars have a partnership

Don’t forget, you can earn SPG points when you stay at Caesar’s (and vice-versa) thanks to their partnership. So that might be another draw for some.


Get Caesars Total Rewards Diamond status through FoundersCard

There was some confusion about whether or not this benefit would stick around in 2016. But, I can confirm, it definitely still will.


I’m Diamond at Caesars through January 31, 2017

I didn’t have to do anything to renew my status. It looks like I was auto-renewed because I still have my FoundersCard, and from when I signed up in 2014.

More on FoundersCard

I’ve assessed the benefits of FoundersCard, and find it’s worth keeping it because it fits in with services I’m either interested in or already use. But just like it has a following of staunch supporters, it also gets its fair share of smearing.

The card costs $395 a year to have. But right off the top, I save at least $300 a year on my AT&T phone bill. Then get a few freebies here and there that easily recoup the other ~$95. So the rest, like the Caesars Total Rewards Diamond status, are gravy.

It’s a card geared toward young urban professionals (yup, I’m a yuppie), who like start-up culture, travel benefits, boutique shopping discounts, and the like. But mixed in, there are some real gems.

Like anything, you get more value out of it the more you use it. And, FWIW, I’ve found the benefits easy to use and redeem. They even have an app you can use to connect with your membership.

You can apply via my link. That page won’t show you much, though, so be sure to check it out more via the articles linked above. And check out my post that breaks down a lot more if it’s worth it to have.

Bottom line

One of the FoundersCard benefits peeps seem to hone on is the Total Rewards Diamond elite status.

I’ve been renewed through the end of January 2017, so I can confirm it is still indeed a perk of the card.

FoundersCard has a fun program going on. I’ve enjoyed being a member and have no plans to cancel, especially because they keep adding perks and haven’t really taken any away. So it feels secure (for now at least). And I look forward to seeing what they cook up next.

As always, don’t hesitate to ask me anything about the discounts or deals I’ve written about FoundersCard.

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  1. The $100 off a Celebration Dinner may not be given to everyone. I received it since I play there a bit, but my wife also did the FC’s deal and was denied that benefit.

  2. Does anyone know in Atlantic City if they charge you $10 comps for use in the Ceasers,Ballys and Harrahs Diamond lounges? I have read this on the harrahs website

  3. Harlan I am considering getting the card, our plat one expired and so what month would you suggest to buy the founders card to get the best bang for your buck and the longest time on the rewards card?? and if you auto renew FC will it renew your TW card too. ?? Do my husband and I both have to sign up separate to get the Diamond status? Or will they give us both cards with one membership ..

    • Hi Kris!

      There’s honestly no best time to pick up the card. Many of the discounts are year-round (with the exception of a couple, like American Airlines), so I’d say the sooner the better so you can enjoy perks for the rest of year in hopes they’ll return next year.

      For the TR Diamond status, the names on both accounts have to match, so you can only upgrade your own account.

      You should reactivate the benefit each year, I don’t believe FC will auto-renew it for you. All you have to do is click a button, so it’s very easy.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Harlan, I have a question regarding the Total Rewards Diamond Status. I am not so much concerned with the celebration dinner as much as I am the resort fees if that makes sense. If I were to join FC say, next week, Would my Diamond status with TR be good for after January 2017? I see you said I just have to click a button to update it. Is this true? Also, is the partnership with TR going to be intact for the entire 2017 year? Thank You,

    • Hey Will! Nope, just until January 2017. There’s no guarantee it will renew, BUT they’ve had this perk for 3 years and I have no reason to think it will end. If it does stay, it will be good for ALL of 2017 (and until the end of January 2018). And you can renew with the click of a button. And all resort fees are waived, as you noted.

      I do think this benefit will stick around, as it’s one of their most popular, but I can’t personally make a guarantee. Hope that helps!

      • it should renew again as purchase to diamond is something ceasars is pushing heavily. the diamond dinner does work – and if you get your card towards end of year – youll get another free diamond dinner in feb.

        i should not BRING YOUR DIAMOND CARD TO LAUGHLIN. last time there they would not issue a new diamond card, – and the lady said to the employee “we havent upgraded the systems yet for purchase to diamond”

  5. Do you know when FC will be renewing Diamond status this year? Mine says expiring on 1/31. I received an offer to book a trip for feb, but not sure if i should go through with it….

    • In the past, they renew it the last week of January. As of right now, it looks like the benefit will return.

      I wanna visit Vegas in February too, so I’m in the same boat!

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