Must-Haves of Travel: Affordable Razors!

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So this is going to sound like an effing advertisement. And I guess it kinda is.


Yes, they are f***ing great

But. If you haven’t already heard of Dollar Shave Club, you should read about it now, they are all over, even the best beard oils reviewed mention and talk about them, they truly went viral.

That’s because they’ll ship you razors each month for really cheap. And they travel well.

What’s Dollar Shave Club?

No more cheap disposable razors that ruin your face (although coconut oil makes a great moisturizer!).

I personally find

I personally find the 4X to be the best deal

So I’m clearly only using razors for touch-ups these days, but I still keep my Dollar Shave Club razors coming in each month. Be sure to check out their blade selection!

It’s $6 a month and I get 4 cartridges with 4 blades each.

What I love is the “easy factor”. When a cartridge starts to look a little rough around the edges, I toss it. Because I know more are always on the way.

Never again

Never again

Similar products on Amazon cost $16-$18. So I’m paying 1/3 of that to get fresh blades every month.

Even though the site is geared toward guys, there’s no reason ladies couldn’t sign up for this.

I find that the blades are of such good quality that I have a couple left when the next shipment arrives. But they let you pause it any time to “catch up” if you find you’re stockpiling them.

The credit angle

In addition to getting fresh blades, I’m also helping out my credit.


Because I’m charging $6 per month to an old credit card, I’m giving up 6 miles on most cards for non-bonused spend. Or 12 cents on a 2% cash back card.

So I’m giving up 72 miles per year, or $1.44 on a card like the Fidelity AMEX or Discover It.

But I’m fine with it because I put the spend on a no annual fee card that I never use otherwise (the no-longer-offered FNBO Icelandair MasterCard if you’re curious).

I’ve had this particular card since 2006. It’s not my oldest card – that would be the Chase Freedom – but it’s one I literally never use any more.

But I want to keep it active so it continues to age my overall credit accounts, and thus boost my credit score.

Good credit is a keystone of healthy personal finances

Good credit is a keystone of healthy personal finances

In fact, I checked today, and my quest for a 750 credit score is now complete, according to Credit Karma at least. Boo-ya!

I open new cards all the time, so it’s really important to me to keep the older accounts active as much as possible. Especially because some banks will close your accounts if you don’t use them at least once a year or so.

I spread out my subscription services across different cards for various reasons (mostly to the AMEX EveryDay Preferred to hit 30 transactions a month).

But wait, how did I go from razors to talking about credit? #MiVidaLoco

Oh yeah, a positive unintended side effect of cheap razors is that you can also help boost your credit score. That’s both really random and highly cool.

My Mom loves it

Dudes and dude-ettes, I got my Mom signed up for Dollar Shave Club.

This is significant because she lives in rural Mississippi without an internet connection (can you imagine?!) and finds the service indisposable (lol).

She has it plugged into her regular checking account (no travel rewards cards for her), but she loves the quality of the razors.

My Mom likes it, and that’s the highest review I can possibly give to anything.

They travel well

Every product competes for space in the clear sandwich bags we cram our beauty routines into.

No, razors aren’t liquid, but they take up so little space, you can find a spot for them nearly anywhere.

I actually pack the plastic container the cartridges come in, and toss the handle in separately. This prevents the razors from tearing anything, and the handle is thin and light, so it fits in easily, too.

I have my products down to a few keys items, so I’m super picky about what I pack. Most things I like are light, small, and easy to travel with. Dollar Shave Club Razors are no exception.

Bottom line

Whoa, I’m up to 800 words about Dollar Shave Club? Cool!

In all seriousness, it’s a great service and no hassle. And it comes with a cute little booklet with random factoids and stories each month.

I really like putting the charge on an old credit card (or no annual fee card) to keep it active (some banks will close your accounts after long periods of inactivity), which helps to boost my credit score.

It’s $6 a month for the middle-of-the-road plan, which is about 1/3 less than razors of similar quality that most peeps pay for.

Disclaimer: I get a $5 credit when you sign up with my link. So thanks for keeping me smooth and I hope you enjoy being smooth, too!

Love this company (and the money they save me)! Anyone else already on the bandwagon?

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