Did You Do the Kohl’s Appliance Deal? Get Back $2 per Item!

Out and Out reader Claudia let me know all the of the items included in last week’s awesome Kohl’s appliance deal are now on sale for $14.99 (at the time, they were all $16.99).

So if you’re crazy like I was/am, and bought 40 items in total, making a quick 15-minute call to Kohl’s can get you $80 back!

That obviously sweetens the previous deal – and saves you more.

Here are a couple of things to note.

Some tips for Kohl’s, and shopping in general

1. Call soon to get a Kohl’s price adjustment

First of all, the Kohl’s customer service number is 855-564-5705 (I had to peck around the site a bit to find it).

Claudia emailed me about this today so I thought I’d share. I just got off the phone with Kohl’s and they told me I was eligible for an $80 price adjustment.

kohl's price adjmustment

The deal qualifies

The official price adjustment policy is you can get one if it’s been less than 14 days. The deal ended October 2nd, so depending if you bought on the 1st or 2nd, you still have a few more days to get your adjustment.

2. Ask if they can give you a new gift card, or refund your original gift card, IF…

The silver lining of using the MPX app means you can “hide” the refund from Chase/Discover if you bought a gift card. Even though it didn’t earn the 5X like I hoped. :/

Because if Kohl’s refunds your card, you’ll lose the 1X you did earn – Chase will take back the points; Discover will reverse the cashback.

Obviously only do this if you think you’ll shop at Kohl’s again. Otherwise, take the statement credit to your card!

And, you can only ask for this if you had mixed tenders like I did ($500 as a gift card, the rest on Discover It).

3. Always save your MPX cards, don’t mark as redeemed

Once you mark a gift card as redeemed in MPX, *poof!*, it’s gone. And apparently, it’s a nightmare to get the gift card number after the fact. Luckily, I’ve never been in this situation.

Let it be

Let it be

But never ever click “Mark as Redeemed” unless you’re 1,000% sure you’ll never need that gift card number again.

4. You can do the rebate on ONE form

I got a lot of questions about this. I’m planning to fill out ONE form and include the 40 UPCs in ONE envelope.

Throw them all in the same pot

This is what 40 UPCs looks like

All in the same pot.

I believe all they do is confirm the date on the receipt and count the number of UPCs. I had a fun weekend carving out 40 UPCs with an Exacto knife lol. I have yet to list them for sale. And obviously have not mailed them yet. I will next week.

(Bonus.) Be sure to make copies of everything! Just in case there’s an issue, you want to have some recourse. Especially if you send it all your originals!

Bottom line

Getting $80 back makes this deal even MORE worthwhile. And I’m glad I did it, even though there are a LOT of steps involved. I find it fun and kind of thrilling. To hunt the deal, and piece it together and all that.

Next week will see me:

  • Get $80 back from Kohl’s
  • List the items for sale
  • Mail-in the rebate form and UPCs

I’ll be sure to post an update once it’s all said and done.

If you’re eligible for a price adjustment, call Kohl’s at 855-564-5705 and see what they can do for you. And feel free to leave any other tips in the comments.

Thanks as always for reading, commenting, and reaching out. Thank you thank you! Have a great week!

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  1. Thank you. Easy $80.00. CSR did not say anything about Kohl’s Cash Adjustment though. So wondering if they will adjust my $100 Kohls Cash or not.

    • Yay! Yeah, I haven’t gotten around to listing them yet. With the price adjustment, they end up being free anyway. Might as well put them out to do good.

  2. I did not use a gift card I only went thru Discover will it still be worth it for me to do the price adjustment call

  3. http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1864732/email.jsp?om_mid=_Order_Confirmation_Responsive_Dynamic&om_etid=110332731&utm_source=TRA&utm_medium=ET&utm_term=110332731&utm_content=179278&utm_campaign=_Order_Confirmation_Responsive_Dynamic

    Be sure to ask about the “Buy one, get 10% off” promo that’s listed. (when you add one to your cart, price becomes $13.49) I haven’t checked all items yet, but it’s on many of them.

    Currently on hold because CSR rep says “it’s a big amount.”

  4. A note to anyone who picked up in store: you have to go in to the store to get the adjustment. (I picked up part of the order–grr!)

  5. The rep I spoke to applied a 15% on the refund because I had used a coupon on it, did anyone else have the same applied to their refunds as well?

    • Original rep tried to give me $40 because I got $100 on the SMS1871 promo code off already, but when I said the new price applies to the promo code, she gave me $143.xx back.

      Also, when I returned from Kohl’s, 5x points were NOT deducted from my freedom. Woot!!

  6. I just checked the website and found out Kohl’s raised price of all the items! I could call them yesterday:(

  7. Chat was closed last night so I decided to wait until this morning. I tried for the price adjustment via chat regardless, but was denied. They offered 200 reward points for the inconvenience, so not a total loss.

  8. I contacted Discover about the coding of my purchase, and they said it will receive the 5% cashback from the department store category!

  9. Did the price adjustment on 40 items last night before the price increase today, back to MSRP. Was suppose to get a confirmation email for $140 but did not. Called CS tonight to clarify I’d be getting the price adjustment. Was told it is in process and the confirmation email takes 48 hours which would be 10/12/16. Also, the adjustment credit which will go back on my Discover takes 7 days.
    I’ve decided to donate all the items to the Salvation Army. Don’t want to deal w/ sales.

  10. For anyone who missed the previous price adjustment opportunity, the price of these items are back down to 14.99 plus the 10% off again.

  11. Checked again today and price is now $2 less with 10% off. Called in and got back $138. so glad, now i won’t have to sell to break even as far as cash is concern…. wooooo…… got free aa miles, kohl cash, y2y points, and united mpx pts.

    Thanks Harlan.

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