6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

Some amazing products and services crossed my path this year. And I want to share them in case you need some gift ideas for the travelers in your life.

I have personally used them all. And can attest to their quality. It can be a challenge to shop when you don’t know exactly what to get someone. Consider these!

(And for good measure, here are some stocking stuffer ideas.)

Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

1. A new blazer and/or chinos

I wrote about Bluffworks travel pants last year. Here’s an update: they have held up beautifully. They simply look and fit as great as the day I got them.

I’ve taken them overseas, worn them around town, to meetings, and around the house. Even on sale (which they are right now), they’ll run you about $100. But man, they just might be worth it if you want (to gift) a nice pair of versatile, great-looking chinos.

When I got mine, Bluffworks only made pants. Now they’ve added blazers and shirts to the oeuvre.

gift ideas travelers

In Bluffworks blazer and chinos

I have a Bluffworks blazer and love how soft and comfy it is. They’re:

  • Made to get washed in a regular washing machine
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Super soft and lightweight
  • Filled with little pockets for keys, cards, and more
  • Just a tiny bit stretchy when you move

This may be the most comfortable blazer I’ve ever worn. And it’s not too hot, even on a Texas evening. 😉

At $250 (currently on sale with no promotion codes needed), it’s a bit steep – but if you want a super nice, functional, resilient blazer that you’ll have for years to come, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Pro tip: Get a size bigger than normal – these clothes tend to run a bit small!

2. Allbirds travel shoes

I’m inching on the 6-month mark with my Allbirds. So I will have an updated review in a few weeks (here’s my original review).

a man sitting on a chair

Love the comfort and style of Allbirds

They’re $95 a pair for adults. And $55 a pair for kids.

a grey and white shoe


That’s more than I’m used to paying for shoes (I’m cheap). But they’ve held up wonderfully. And they’re like walking on a cloud.

I’ve worn them traveling, around town, and to conferences and meetings (including to FinCon in October!). They’re so neutral and easy-to-wear that they go with everything, even jeans or a suit.

They’re not flashy – but if anyone notices them, they remark how stylish they are. I’ve gotten several compliments on mine, and recommended them to family and friends.

They’re a bit of a splurge, but make excellent gifts. I proclaim them The Perfect Travel Shoe!

3. A DNA testing kit

Honestly, what’s cooler than finding more about where you came from?

a screenshot of a cell phone

Give the gift of heritage – truly unique and cool

I got both of these kits and sent them back for testing last week. So I can’t vouch for which one is better (yet). But from what I understand:

  • Go with 23andMe if you want to know more about what you’re genetically predisposed to, if you’re a carrier for certain genes, and want to know more about the health side of your DNA
  • Go with Ancestry if you want a deeper dive into where you’re from, who you might be related to, and your overall heritage – apparently it goes back a little more

Right now, 23andMe is $79 for the Ancestry kit and $149 for the Health + Ancestry version.

a screenshot of a website

23andMe has 2 versions of their test

And AncestryDNA is currently $69 + ~$10 in shipping and taxes.

a white background with black text and red text

AncestryDNA gives more information about your lineage

Personally, I got the AncestryDNA kit for my grandmother, who’s always wanted to know more about where she’s from. Whereas 23andMe is more about you, your DNA, and your health, Ancestry seems more focused on where you’re from, your ancestors, and your lineage.

The results might inspire you to travel! I’m pretty sure I’m mostly German. But if I can pinpoint a more accurate location/country, I’d definitely be interested in learning more about my “home.”

This is a fun and unique gift that everyone can enjoy because it’s so personalized.

4. Hydro Flask

I have a Hydro Flask and use it constantly. I fill that baby up with coffee before I hop in a Lyft to DFW airport. (Just make sure it’s empty before you get to the security line.)

And, when I’m at an airport lounge with a self-serve bar, I give it a rinse and make myself a to-go cocktail. Perfect if you find yourself in coach!

a man holding a water bottle

Hydro Flask and my favorite t-shirt 😉

They also fit nicely in most car cupholders, so you can take a tea or cold drink on the road with you (they’re excellent for keeping things hot OR cold for long periods).

Also, just on a practical level, you can refill them over and over. To keep plastic and styrofoam out of our planet’s oceans and landfills. #bless

I toss this little guy in my bag whenever I’m on the go. And use it for water, coffee, and iced drinks. Truly a nice, well-made, practical gift most peeps could use, if only as a sturdy insulated mug.

5. Something from your Amex Offers

Amex has been killing it with the abundance of offers lately. A few notable ones I see in my account right now include:

a screenshot of a website

So. Many. Offers.

I literally have over 100 offers in my Amex accounts right now. So it might be worth it to scan your offers and see what’s there – might give you a few ideas, anyway.

#ShamelessPlug but thanks for using my links to get a new credit card – including most Amex cards! 🙂

6. Don’t forget the pups!

Dogs love BarkBox. I’ve had it for my dog since December 2013 and never looked back.

a dog lying on a chair

My sweet boy loves his BarkBox

Here’s my write-up on BarkBox, including the pricing and best available offer. When you sign up with my link, you get your first month free with a 6- or 12-month plan.

You can also get gift cards! This would be a great gift either for your pup, or for a dog owner you know. I told my mom to get Fenwick gifts for Christmas instead of me this year – he’s such a good boy!

Bottom line

If you’re looking for gift ideas this holiday season, may I recommend:

Also, thanks for another year of readership here at Out and Out. This is a one-man operation so you all mean the world to me. Thank you thank you thank you for reading, commenting, using my links, and challenging me to always dig deeper and think bigger.

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  1. Is your dog getting re-charged in that pic?

    Also, I’m considering Allbirds for a trip to Orlando theme parks. I’m nervous though — 10 miles of hard pavement usually mean (for me) my best bet is actual athletic running shoes. But. Maybe?

    • Hehe, that was his charging seat! 😉

      I still wear my New Balances to the gym for the express reason of wearing the crap out of them. I walked a ton recently in New Orleans in the Allbirds though, and they held up wonderfully. For a place like Florida, the Allbirds would probably be more breathable than your typical athletic shoe. I’d say if you’re checking a bag, throw in the Allbirds and see how you feel the first day. Stick with them if they’re comfy or switch to other shoes if not.

      As far as the ONE pair to take… personally, I’d feel good with the Allbirds. But if you know your current shoes are excellent for that amount of walking, it’s up to you which would be a better choice. Hope that helps! 🙂

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