Coco Luxe: Coconut oil on-the-go for $12. Worth it?

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I’ve written about how awesome it is to travel with coconut oil. So when Coco Luxe asked me if I wanted to review their product, I thought, why not. I travel with coconut oil anyway, so I took it to Barcelona.

The big draw with Coco Luxe is that it comes in a 3.4 ounce tube. It clears TSA and all you have to do is throw it in your bag. So, the convenience factor.

Their cute logo :)

Their cute logo 🙂

Full disclosure: They sent me a free tube in exchange for an honest opinion. And if you purchase a tube, I get a percentage of the sale. Now, putting all bias aside…

About Coco Luxe

The tube came within a couple of days, in a small padded envelope. The contents:

CocoLuxe package

Coco Luxe package

It’s the good stuff, too. You always want your coconut oil:

  • Organic
  • Unrefined (raw)
  • Extra virgin
  • Cold-pressed

When it’s pasteurized and processed, a lot of the healthy lauric acid and naturally-occurring antioxidants are killed. But, this is the good stuff.

And it smells yummy. Better than any other brand I’ve tried (and I’ve tried/smelled ’em all!). It literally smells like a coconut cookie.

According to them, they source their product from, “A Remote Pacific Tropical Island Where The Water And Air Are Pure And Unpolluted.” Maybe Fiji?


Many uses

Coconut oil has a laundry list of uses from skin moisturizing, mild sunscreen (around 3 SPF), or oil pulling.

I use it mostly as a moisturizer, lip balm, and occasionally put a dab in my hair (makes it not-so-frizzy and gives it shine).

It’s also great to use around the sensitive eye area. It’s gentle enough to use as an eye cream, or ladies, as an eye makeup remover. It helps smooth out lines, too. And if you use just the tiniest dab, it makes a good primer.

Because it can replace 2 or 3 (or more) other items, it’s a staple when I travel.

Especially if I’m going from high humidity to a dry climate. And, air travel is extremely dehydrating for your skin (and in general). So I use it post-plane, too.

Fits snug in the palm

Fits snug in the palm

It fits in most standard-size clear plastic baggies. It’s a tall, thin tube, and doesn’t take up too much room. I packed it and got through security without any issue.

Then took it to Barcelona. Where I used the entire tube. If you’re a heavy coconut oil user like me, it’ll last you about a week.

Thoughts on Coco Luxe

As mentioned, the main draw here is the convenience factor. Lots of peeps ask me how I pack coconut oil with it leaking everywhere.

The answer is: I spoon some into a small tupperware container, snap on the lid, and give it its own plastic bag in case it pops open somewhere along the way.

I’m partial to Spectrum coconut oil brand. You can get 15 oz of it for only $12.50.

Coco Luxe costs $12 and comes with free shipping in the US.

So, is it worth it?

If you want a simple option, yes. Or if you just want to try a new brand and see how you like it.

I’m fine with traveling with my little container. But there is something nice about having it in a squeezable tube. They also guarantee it’s leak-proof (no leaks here!).

You can run it under hot or cold water to make it softer or firmer. And because the tube is long and thin, it’s easier to get a consistent texture, whereas with a square container, it’s a little more difficult.

I’ll probably stick with Spectrum coconut oil for at-home use. And get Coco Luxe when I want to treat myself. Or take the tube and not have to worry about bringing home the empty container.

Also, if you’re new to coconut oil, Coco Luxe is a great one to start with because it smells so good. And it’s a small quantity, so if you hate it, you won’t have a big tub of it to get through.

It would also make an excellent gift if you know someone who is into natural living, healthy foods, or up for trying something new. 🙂

All-in-all, I’d use it again on certain trips or with a specific purpose in mind. Even just to have a good-smelling treat.

And you can’t beat the convenience. If that’s your main concern, this is an excellent product.

Bottom line

Adventures in coconut oil. I loved having it in Barcelona. It made a great traveling companion. And the actual coconut oil is super high-quality.

Give Coco Luxe a try if you want a high-quality and good-smelling pre-packaged coconut oil.

And if you want to stretch your dollar and get the max value from your purchase, stick with Spectrum coconut oil.

Both are worth trying. Both are great products. I’ll keep Spectrum as my go-to at home and use Coco Luxe for certain occasions.

If you’re new to coconut oil, or want a low commitment, Coco Luxe is a great place to start.

Let me know what you think!

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    • Hey Kathy! 🙂

      Yes, you can! You can cook with it, or use it for oil pulling. Or just eat it for the health benefits. I actually tried it and it was really yummy!

      And, cooking eggs in coconut oil gives them the *perfect* consistency. I also use it to replace butter sometimes. There are so many ways you can cook with it.

      I’ll have to look up the things you mentioned – haven’t heard of them yet. I’m getting more and more into natural and alternative foods lately, so they sound right in line with that!

  1. It’s gentle enough to use as an eye cream, or ladies, as an eye makeup remover. It helps smooth out lines, too. And if you use just the tiniest dab, it makes a good primer. Where such information?

  2. Is the tube refillable? I’m going on a three months long journey to Europe and I am a heavy coconut oil user. It would be great if I could refill the tube once it runs out.

    • You know, I don’t remember. But if I recall correctly, it would be tricky to refill.

      But where there’s a will, there’s a way. You could always melt it and pour via funnel.

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