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Laid off again, up $13K, and starting a dream – July 2024 Freedom update

July 2024 Freedom update

What a month already! A week ago, I was laid off from my job. It was my second layoff in as many years, just when I was starting to feel like I was doing well in the position. Oh well—it lasted a year. So that was how June ended.

It was a particularly nasty layoff: the kind you hear so much about on LinkedIn these days. I was shocked/sad/mad for about a day, then decided to move on. Easy come, easy go.

a body of water with trees in the background

Here’s to more peaceful and prosperous times ahead

While I look for the next thing, I decided to go full force into creating a points, miles, and travel rewards community packed with info, courses, events, and more. I announced Points Hub on Friday. As of today (Monday), many members joined with a Pro Lifetime membership, which showed me how crucial this resource will be for so many people.

I’m still applying to full-time jobs on the side. I’m also making outlines for courses, adding info, and building the community at Points Hub. It’s just getting started, but already a blast. Come on in!

Also, spoiler alert, this is kind of an anti-update because, uh… no income at the moment. But this journey has its own life, so let’s see what’s up.

July 2024 Freedom update

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Midyear goal transparency and up $10K – June 2024 Freedom update

June 2024 Freedom update

Now that the dust has settled on the house sale, I can more fully take “stock” of my financial situation. I’ve been stressed about it for a few weeks, but ready to lay it out in gleaming detail.

Turns out, months of two housing payments, moving a house full of stuff across two states, and the birth of a child will really put a dent in your short-term financial goals.

a man wearing a hat and smiling at the camera

The beach in Arkansas was so nice

I put a lot of expenses onto two 0% APR credit cards, figuring I’d use the money from the sale to pay them down. Well, I barely touched them before the money was gone from other things (which I detailed in the last two updates).

But it’s good! I have a few months to figure out how I want to approach everything and in the meanwhile, I’ve completely retooled my midyear goals now that we’re halfway through 2024.

June 2024 Freedom update

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Down market and a huge $50K hit after selling house – May 2024 Freedom update

May 2024 Freedom update

I’ve been semi-avoiding writing this update to detail this month’s huge losses, but eat the frog, as they say.

The Oklahoma house sold, April 2024 was the first losing month for the S&P 500 after five positive months in a row, and the house sale money was gone in a poof.

a man taking a selfie in a park with a city in the background

We went to Chicago for five days!

I used the money to pay down debt, start on my 2024 Roth IRA, and build up my savings a bit. But, to further illustrate the losses, I invested ~$4,000 but my investments are only up $435 for the month.

I also might’ve been overestimating my old home’s value and didn’t include transaction fees against my net worth in previous updates. But now the house is gone, and so too are the mortgage and equity estimate from my net worth calculations.

Now that I’m renting again, maybe this is a more “pure” version of calculating net worth. All that to say, it was a rough month—and I am down nearly $53,000.

May 2024 Freedom update

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House sold, shifts ahead, and planning for a tax sale? – April 2024 Freedom update

April 2024 Freedom update

The Oklahoma house is closing on Friday after being on the market only 6 days. I’m thrilled, sad, nervous, etc.

Thrilled to no longer make two housing payments, sad because a ton of bad stuff happened to us in that house, nervous because I don’t want any last-minute surprises, and etc. because.

a man holding a baby

THIS BABY. Three months old

I’ve been using my credit cards to get us through this patch and very much looking forward to paying them off with the money I get from the sale.

But I also discovered a tax lien sale and have a few properties on a watch list. The auctions are in late April. So, I’m going to hold the money for a few weeks and see what I can do there. If nothing, then I’ll eradicate all my credit card balances.

And if so… well, I still have until October with my 0% APR rates. Either way, not too worried and seeing a lot of upside and potential.

One thing is certain: My net worth will see BIG gyrations this month. I am more at peace with it now, yet I remain hopeful.

For one thing, I didn’t factor in the $20,000 it would cost to sell the house… ‍

April 2024 Freedom update

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New city, new energy, and up $12K – March 2024 Freedom update

March 2024 Freedom update $361,560

Bye, Oklahoma! A lot happened there—like, a LOT—and I’m glad to say goodbye to that place. As of this month, we’ve officially moved for a better school district and to get a fresh start. I first moved to Oklahoma City in October 2021.

a man with a beard and mustache

I was sad for a week but over it now

Our old house is listed for sale as of March 1.

Considering August 2024—seven more months—is the goal date to save $500,000, that could push me ahead, move the dial back, or be uneventful. I already got the estimated proceeds of how much I’ll get if it sells for the listing price.

Also, until it sells, I’ll pay rent for our new place plus mortgage on the old place. We’re renting now which feels… different after owning my house (and before that, a condo). So far, it’s been freeing not dealing with the stuff of ownership.

I’d like to buy again eventually—but, one thing at a time. Anything could happen this month (this year, this lifetime). But in this moment, I’m at yet another net worth high (and will never tire of typing that).

March 2024 Freedom update

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70% of the way to $500K! Will I reach my goal by August? – February 2024 Freedom update

a close up of a fur

I’m creating my own nail-biter over here. This is the third month in a row of a new net worth high. That feels dang good on its own: At nearly $350K, I’m 70% of the way toward my $500K goal.

But the goal is to hit $500K by August 2024. That’s in 7 months! Being $150K short means I’ll have to increase my net worth by over $21,000 each month on average until then to achieve it.

That’s… a lot. Is it realistic?

February 2024 Freedom update

Sleep < Haircut

I mean, probably not.

Is it also incredible? Heck yeah! I continue to be amazed at how compound interest truly has a life of its own.

I’ve had plenty of months with gains and losses of that size. But to have 7 winning months in a row? I’m my own underdog. It’s unlikely but it would be soooo cool if it happened.

Even if it doesn’t, I think I’ll get pretty close. Either way, 2024 is already shaping up to be an incredible year.

February 2024 Freedom update

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New Year goals, up $8K, and an announcement – January 2024 Freedom update

a purple and blue background with white text

Like last month, this one finds me at yet another new net worth high. But unlike last month, it also finds us with a brand new baby girl. That’s right – we are now a party of five and have spent the last week getting to know our sweet new baby!

a man holding a baby

POV: you fell asleep on Dad

Even with all the expenses associated with delivery, my overall net worth continued to tick upward to over $342,000.

I’m excited and so tired. We’re currently on an adventure and making new memories in a new place. Here’s how it’s playing out as I start 2024.

January 2024 Freedom update

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Up $30K, goal almost 70% complete, and closing in on $350K – December 2023 Freedom update

December 2023 Freedom Update

I’m at a new net worth high. In fact, a year ago in December 2022, I was also at a new high: $266K. Must be the so-called “Santa Claus Rally.”

This month I’m at $334K.  That’s $68,000 higher than this time last year and $166,000 left to go to hit my $500,000 goal.

If I can increase my net worth by $18,000 over each of the next nine months, I’ll hit the goal. Is that possible? Well, this month I’m up nearly $30,000 so… if the trend keeps up I just might make it.

But I also know how quick it can turn, so don’t want to take mental possession of it yet.

December 2023 Freedom update

I went to a Christmas market in Oslo last week

That was a lot of numbers. Here’s one more: I’m 67% of the way there.

Whether I hit the goal by the end of August 2024 as planned/hoped for or not, I’m gonna go ahead and give myself some grace. I’m doing so good.

December 2023 Freedom update

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Bouncing back, up $19K, and are we on an upward trend? – November 2023 Freedom update

November 2023 Freedom update

Somehow I’m back at 61% of my $500,000 savings goal and up nearly $19,000 this month. Not gonna lie, last month was devastating being down so much.

So while I love restoring growth, I know better than to get attached or assign mental possession to it. It could just as easily slide down again (and it has). In my case, it will.

Because we have a lot of expenses coming up in the next few months. The only thing that could provide levity is for the stock market to keep going in this upward trend, which… is it? 

November 2023 Freedom update

With my upgraded Hilton Aspire card

There’s been a lot of positive economic news lately (in the world at large), and my 401k has nearly recovered all the losses from earlier in the year. This month, my other investment accounts rose back to their October 2023 levels. If the market continues to improve, it could seriously make up for (and exceed?) my upcoming expenses.

And if the housing market improves, I could add to my home equity. Again, trying to stay level, but there it is: that hope that things will start to turn around.

Either way, I’m staying on track, adding cash to accounts when I can, cutting expenses wherever possible, and steadily paying down debt—all at the same time. As I have someone managed to do for years.

November 2023 Freedom update

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Down $27K and accepting more future losses, today – October 2023 Freedom update

October 2023 Freedom update

I’m coming in sheepishly! My Travis Scott ticket reselling fiasco made a splash—for others in my situation and in the ticket reselling community. I’ve already talked about that here and don’t have more to say about it… for now.

I mention it because I sold stock for the first time in my life to correct my mistake and allll the life lessons that came along with that. Anywhomst’ve, I’m completely at peace with it. I learned my lesson, and I’m moving forward. It sucked, but it’s over.

October 2023 Freedom update boy boss

Alt text: Blurry Tulsa hotel boy boss pic

You’ll see that debacle, a market that struggled through most of September (with one of the lowest days since March and the Dow that went negative for 2023 YTD), and a big decline in my home value reflected in this Freedom update.

As of now, I will most likely NOT hit $500K by August 2024. As my toilet stopped draining last week and lead to further large repair reckonings this month, I had my freakouts and regrouped. Here’s a link to the amazing BOY BOSS t-shirt from the photo above if you want one. (Sorry for the jarring transition.)

Life has changed a lot since I made that goal way back when. I will have multiple millions by the time I retire—even without adding another cent to my savings. And it’s true that, in general, I’m focused on the day-to-day more now.

I accept all that. And, not to get too philosophical, realized it’s not that serious. Spending money now, while I don’t love it, is what I have to do right now. (And maybe I do love it? Because we’re always getting what we want.)a screenshot of a woman with her mouth open

All that to say, anything could happen and I’m still sticking to my plan of investing heavily, paying debt, and reducing expenses. There are speed bumps now. They won’t always be there.

Anyway, let’s talk about it.

October 2023 Freedom update

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Thinking out loud: Another move and new net worth $313K high – September 2023 Freedom update

September 2023 Freedom update

September is my personal new year. I had a birthday last week and turned 39. And next week, Beck will be 1. [times flies, etc.]

It’s also a countdown to my $500,000 goal – one year left.

It’s looking unlikely that I’ll hit it—unless something massively shifts (which is always a possibility) with an unprecedented bull run, influx of cash, huge real estate increase, or something of that caliber.

September 2023 Freedom update

Daddy mode

Not to say that won’t happen, just that it’s easier for me to grasp if I’m realistic. But there’s still that dreamer in me.

Right now, I’m at ~$313K. That’s $187K short. To hit $500,000, I’d need to collect $15,583 per month for the next 12 months.

I’ve had months like that before. And every time the stock market rises even 1%, that’s a huge gain for me. But it’s more than I can produce on my own.

So this month finds me, as always, pondering where I can place the best 20% of my efforts to get closer to 80% of the overall results I seek. 🌠

September 2023 Freedom update

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New this month: Money trends, 401k, and over $300K! – August 2023 Freedom update

Whew! This weekend (and past month) was a doozy. Warren had his 4th birthday party (I can’t believe I have a four-year-old!) and my mom was in town visiting. Lots of setup and hosting and having fam around.

I also hit the $300K mark officially! 🤑

I noticed the stock market dropped in the last week or so, but not enough to drop me below $300K again. Now that I’m over 60% of the way to my $500K goal, I’m feeling extra motivated.

August 2023 Freedom update

This is a real place

And yet, life keeps delivering. We finally got Warren’s updated birth certificate and passport – and Beck’s stuff is on the way. I have a mountain of crap to pay off and the expenses are always rolling in.

But also – later this month I become eligible for the company 401k. Between that and the HSA, I will be consistently investing again. So despite feeling financially held back in so many ways, I’ll still be making (automated) progress. And that’s something I’m really excited about.

August 2023 Freedom update

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