18 FoundersCard Travel Benefits (Status, Discounts, and Freebies)

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Update: You can lock in a FoundersCard membership for $295 a year through May 13th, 2016 when you sign-up with my link. This is $100 less than the usual rate!

I’ve written lots about FoundersCard (including the eternal question: is it worth it?).

I noticed that lots of the travel benefits offered by FoundersCard are ancillary benefits of having certain co-branded credit cards. So I thought it’d be fun to explore the benefits you can get from having a FoundersCard membership (which costs $395 a year) instead of having a bunch of credit cards.

This post inspired by the Chase British Airways Visa. RIP, fallen soldier.

founderscard travel benefits

I love this little card

18 FoundersCard travel benefits, organized by type


1 – American Airlines: Platinum Status – Challenge (new benefit coming soon)



2 – British Airways: 10% off fares from North America and UK

2015-08-24_21-04-403 – Cathay Pacific: Silver elite status and 5%-25% off flights2015-08-24_21-04-14

4 – Clear: free for 6 months and $14o annual membership fee

5 – Emirates: 5%-10% off fares from the US2015-08-24_21-06-23

6 – JetBlue: Mosaic elite status after 2 round-trip flights2015-08-24_21-06-15

7 – Qantas: 15% off most fares2015-08-24_21-05-07

8 – Virgin America: 5%-12% off fares2015-08-24_21-04-58

9 – Virgin Atlantic: Silver elite status, fast track to Gold status, and 20% off fares from the US and Vancouver2015-08-24_21-03-42


1 – Caesars Total Rewards: Diamond elite status and 20% off bookings2015-08-24_21-02-52

2 – Hilton HHonors: Gold elite status

3 – HotelTonight: $50 credit and 15% off bookings2015-08-24_21-05-36


1 – Avis: Preferred Plus membership and up to 25% off rentals

2 – Hertz: #1 Club Gold or #1 Club Gold Five Star membership and 15% off rentals

3- Silvercar: free gas refill and 15% off rentals2015-08-24_21-05-45

4 – Sixt: Platinum elite membership and up to 15% off rentals

5 – Zipcar: waived business initiation or $35 personal setup and $15 driving credit2015-08-24_21-05-57


1 – TripIt Pro: free for a year, then $39 annually


As you can see, about half of the benefits are duplicated on credit cards.

And the other half (mostly the fare discounts, but also Caesars Diamond Status, reduced Zipcar membership, and others) are completely unique to FoundersCard.

So consider the annual fee on the FoundersCard is $395. Travel, like finance, is super personal. Whether or not this (and anything) is worth it will be up to you.

If you think you can get more than $395 in value, this is definitely a good deal. And if not, then it isn’t. Simple as that.

I see particular value opportunities in:

  • Free TripIt Pro
  • Hilton HHonors Gold elite status (free breakfast, bonus points on paid stays, late checkout)
  • 10% off British Airways fares
  • Free AA Platinum Status Challenge
  • Clear membership, if it’s in your airport
  • Caesars Diamond elite status

Depending on your travel patterns, it’s absolutely possible to get more than $395 back in value.

But this is only the travel benefits.

There are other lifestyle and business benefits that add even more value, and, for me personally, push the value of this card far beyond the $395 annual fee.

Bottom line

The benefits of FoundersCard have been pretty well in place for a couple of years by now, and I don’t think they’ll change any time soon. If anything, I expect they’ll add even more to the mix.

I personally really like the card. That being said, it’s only useful if you know you’ll use the discounts/value the freebies/etc.

The best way to see all the benefits is to take a look around for yourself. If you’d like, email me for an invite to access the visitor’s site.

Or, if you want, you can lock in the $395 annual fee for life when you sign up with my link.

Hopefully this shines a light on some of the FoundersCard travel benefits.

Let me know if you want to know particulars, or don’t hesistate to email me/comment below if you want an email invite or have questions!

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  1. Caesars benefit is nice and one I use. Diamond check-in (no lines), diamond lounge (free drinks) there’s a list of all the best diamond lounges in vegas, harrahs leading. On your anniversary you get 100 dining credit. and you get 2 free show tickets each month.

    • The benefits are all ongoing, although a couple of them change quarterly (like American Airlines, which should have a new one starting October 1st). So there’s really no one time that’s better or worse, really.

      The annual fee is based on your join date, and you can start redeeming discounts and status from day 1. Most of the status stuff goes through February 2017, so if you’re going for that, the sooner the better I’d say.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Unfortunatelz Tripit Pro and Cathy Silver is limited to one year. After that you have to pay for TripIt and qualify for Cathy Silver like everyone else….
    But other than that a lot of great benefits. Especiallz Ceasars is great…

    • Yeah I put a note that TripIt is $39 annually after the first free year.

      Still not a bad deal.

      As for Cathay Pacific Silver elite status… I seem to recall they brought it back for 2 years in a row.

      Anyway, even if they don’t, it’s still a nice perk to get you started.

      Agree with you, Caesar’s is definitely great if you can use it!

  3. Thanks so much for the Founder’s info. Are there any other cards like this that have sprung up since you wrote this article?

  4. Hey Harlan,
    The card defintiely looks interesting.
    Do you have a FoundersCard referral code to help you get credit or anything?

    Great inclusive blog btw,


      • I am very interested in access. Would you please send me your link to get the card. Thanking you in advance. Can you share the difference in doing the $295 now or the $395 you mention over time? Just wishing to make a wise decision.

        • Sent!

          The biggest difference is the $295 rate has a $95 initiation fee whereas the $395 rate does not. So the cost for the first year is about the same.

          But, you lock in the rate you choose for life. So over time, beginning the second year, you’ll save more with the $295 rate.

          I’ve had the card since 2014 and am very pleased with it. It’s paid for itself year after year many times over.

          Hope that helps – don’t hesitate to ask questions if you think of anything! 🙂

  5. I read that one could refer another person (intended for a spouse or significant other) who can then join for $395 one-time only rate (i.e. they don’t have to pay yearly). Is this true and if so, would anyone have such a referral they’d be willing to share? Thanks in advance!

    • Ben, that is true.

      I sent you a referral link via email just in case. My promo code is “FCHARLAN818” and it’s still at the $295/year rate. You could add a partner or spouse afterward for a one-time charge of $395.

      • If I were to refer my spouse and she paid the one time charge, could I cancel my founders card and we could just use her card without the annual fee?

        • I’m not sure how that would work, to be honest. You’d likely have to keep your membership valid for the spouse’s to remain open – that’s my guess. Don’t think that would be a valid loophole.

  6. Hey There,

    How sure are you about Jet blue Benefit after two flights? is it confirmed?

    also i don’t think Hotel Tonight Benefit is there anymore

    • You’re right, there’s no HotelTonight benefit any more.

      And the new JetBlue benefit is:

      – Receive up to 5% off JetBlue flights booked via portal.
      – Earn up to 6 TrueBlue points for each Dollar spent on JetBlue flights.

      Let me know if you want any info on the other benefits!

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