That AARP Membership You Just Bought? Save Money With AARP Discounts and Rewards

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So, how many of us are newly minted AARP members after that insane deal for British Airways Business Class?

AARP heats things up starting with the homepage

AARP heats things up starting with the homepage

I took a poke around the website and found some worthwhile member benefits that can more than make up the $16 spent to join – and this membership might be a good thing to keep!

AARP Rewards and Discounts

So the first thing I noticed about the AARP website is: it’s a giant mess. A total unorganized mess.

But that’s OK. A little clicking around led to some interesting discoveries, and I’ll do my best to link directly to them.

To start, AARP has some great travel discounts.

Hotel discounts


Get 10% off at Hilton, Hyatt, and other hotel chains

Every brand of Hilton and Hyatt hotels are listed, and discounts range from 5% to 15% off.

Save 10% at Hyatt brand hotels

Save 10% at Hyatt brand hotels

I ran a search to see what I could get with the Hyatt discount.

Completely randomly, I chose the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables for a weekend in early December.


The daily rate is $339 a night

Then I opened up my AARP account in an incognito window and repeated the search after clicking through the AARP site.


The rate dropped to $306 a night!

For a 2-night stay, I’d save $66 with the AARP discount!

That more than covers the $16 per year membership fee right there.

Just ‘cuz, I ran a similar search at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arches (also a random pick). The difference was “only” $8 a night (or $16 on a 2-night stay). But still, better than nothing.

So the discount seems to vary by hotel, but with the 2 I tried, both had a discount. So it’s definitely worth clicking through the AARP site to check.

And, you should still earn full elite stay credit, points, bonuses, benefits, etc.

Aaaaand, from what I understand, if you have Citi Prestige, you can apply the AARP discount to a 4-night stay, and get still use the 4th night free benefit. So that’s a double-whammy of stacking easy discounts. And saving a lot of money!


Hilton also has a special page for AARP members

Hilton hotels also turned up some nice discounts! And:

2pm late checkout

2pm late checkout

2pm late checkout is a nice touch at certain hotels.

Click here for the full list. Best Western is included, too.

AT&T discount

Oh man, this one’s a doozy if you’re with AT&T.

10% off your AT&T bill

Get 10% off your AT&T bill

Click a link to apply the AARP group discount to your AT&T bill.

Rough math says if your phone bill is $100 a month (the service charges, not taxes and fees), and you save $10 a month, that’s $120 over the course of a year.

Which is awesome. An easy, easy way to more than recover the $16 annual membership fee.

Earn more points at Walgreens

If you shop at Walgreens a lot (or Duane Reade) earn 50 Balance Rewards points per $1 spent after you link your Walgreens and AARP accounts.


Easy way to snag some extra points at Walgreens or Duane Reade

Now, Walgreens Balance Rewards are probably the most worthless points in the entire world. I’ve lived in New York for 11 years and I think I’ve gotten maybe 2 or 3 $5 coupons.

Plus, I only pick up random things that I need right away very, very occasionally (like cold medicine or band-aids). Other things, I order after clicking through a shopping portal or from Amazon.

That said, it’s free to link these accounts, so ya might as well. Especially if you’ll be earning more points than normal.

Other travel discounts

This falls into the “you never know” category.


Save up to 30% off Avis or Budget rental cars, and Zipcar memberships

I don’t rent cars a lot, but when I do, I check everywhere. And I apply every discount code Google can turn up.

Next time, I’ll add AARP to the list. I don’t expect the discount to beat the Chase Travel Portal, or any other discount, but why not. It may come in handy as some point down the road (get it… down the road?).

And of course we already know about the British Airways discount. That’s a great example of “you never know.” Because when it works, man, it really works!

Really really cheap magazines and certs

These are earned with AARP Rewards (log-in required).

Just to give you an idea of how easy these are to earn:


Get 1,125 AARP points just for signing up



Um… what?!

I literally have 5,900 AARP Rewards for doing basically nothing but signing up.


Talk about easy to earn!

FWIW, get 500 more by entering promo code “WELCOME150” at the top of the page.

You can use these to get $3 magazine subscriptions.


There are pages and pages and pages of magazine subscriptions for only $3

The idea is you pay in points with a $3 cash co-pay. Which is, obviously, a really great price.

Considering you get around 6,000 AARP points for joining (if my own experience is any indication), you could pick up lots of cheap magazines.

Could be good if you travel a lot and want to toss one in your bag, or if you have an office and want to order some to have out for guests, or I dunno, just to read.

Like I said, there are ~20 pages of magazines so I’m sure you can find 1 or 2 of interest if you want some reading material.


Get a $50 cert for $7 and 1,300 AARP points

You can also get great deals on certificates, like a $50 certificate for 1,300 AARP points and a $7 cash co-pay.

I’ve used these in the past. They have a few restrictions, but if you can navigate the system, you can stack this nicely with Dining Rewards and a card that earns bonus points on eating out.

I’m actually considering picking one of these up, as there’s a place near me that has great food and not so many restrictions.

Even if it takes a second to find one that’s worth it, the savings really can’t be beat.

Link to Fitbit

Link to Fitbit

How can you earn more AARP Rewards points? An easy way is to link to Fitbit, if you have one of those.


Earn 150 AARP points daily after taking 10,000 steps

If you don’t have a Fitbit, worry not. You also get 75 AARP points every day you simply log-in to their Rewards website. Yep, easy as that.

So, nothing groundbreaking, but you can definitely pick up a little something for next to nothing and enjoy it, just for signing up.

Bottom line

It might be worth it to put that AARP membership card in your wallet, because there are more discounts on the website and out in the world than you might think.

The best I found are:

And maybe save a little when you:

The Hilton and Hyatt discounts can actually save you a lot of money, easily hundreds depending on how many paid stays you have per year. And, the discount stacks nicely with Citi Prestige’s 4th night free benefit.

And the AT&T discount is an easy, easy win if you have them for cell service.

Other than that, I found cheap magazine subscriptions and certificates, which you can access via AARP Rewards.

And of course, you can save money on British Airways flights. 😉

I’ve also seen random AARP discounts on in the world now that I’ve joined, for things like oil changes and at certain restaurants. So keep an eye out, and definitely save money with Hilton, Hyatt, and AT&T!

I think I’ll renew if only for the hotel discounts!

Anyone else find any gems related to their new AARP membership? 

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  1. All of those AARP discounts are standard discounts given to just about any other membership such as AAA, Costco, etc. No added value.

    • I’d agree with you on that. Some peeps might not have a AAA or Costco membership, though – and at $16, AARP is certainly cheaper. Always good to have more options, just in case!

  2. Any idea how long it takes to get an actual card mailed to you? I’ve got a SPG stay coming up and the AARP rate is $30 cheaper. I’m in my mid 30’s so even though i’ve got some grey hair, i’m thinking the front desk might want to verify the card.

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