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Radius Bank + SmarterBucks isn’t gonna work for me (but could maybe help you)

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I was excited to explore this dark alleyway of the internet, because there are so few rewards debit cards left.

No bueno

No bueno

This one, through SmarterBucks and Radius Bank seemed like it was gonna be a doozy. But, unfortunately, it’s pretty worthless, for me at least. I’m gonna have to DTMFA.

I’ll explain.

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SmarterBucks & Radius Bank Unlimited 1% Cash Back Toward Student Loan Debt

In my exploration of new MS techniques, I stumbled across something else that could be potentially useful for some.

I’ve written about the whole PayPal debit card/My Cash/RadPad combo.

As you guys know, the PayPal Business Debit MasterCard earns unlimited 1% cash back in your PayPal account. It does work with RadPad and does NOT work with Evolve Money (in the sense that you’re charged a 3% fee for using it).

But some peeps don’t like the PayPal-ness of it all, as they’ve been known to shut down accounts after sending warning emails.

So enter…

SmarterBucks and Radius Bank

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