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A Canadian Geography Lesson from US Airways

Thought this was cute.

We know that US Airways isn’t the best when it comes to geography when booking award flights.

When I fly, I like to flip through and look at the maps in the in-flight magazines, just to see all the routes and codeshares – I find that interesting.

Yellowknife and Whitehorse, Canada are on my list of places I’d like to visit, so I always pinpoint it on the map and imagine getting up there one day. This particular map, published in the US Airways in-flight magazine, made me do a double take:

US Airways map of Canada

US Airways Magazine map of Canada

They managed to squeeze Whitehorse into British Columbia and Yellowknife into Alberta instead of Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories, respectively.

Here are their correct geographical locations:

Whitehorse is in Yukon Territory

Whitehorse is in Yukon Territory

Screenshot 2015-01-08 21.13.47

Yellow Knife is in Northwest Territories

The provinces where the two cities are supposed to be are completely empty. Good to know US Airways threw out the map and made up one of their own!

At least they didn’t try to squeeze Iqaluit above Winnipeg…