My FoundersCard Membership Just Paid for Itself This Year

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Update: You can lock in a FoundersCard membership for $295 a year through May 13th, 2016 when you sign-up with my link. This is $100 less than the usual rate!

Peeps are curious about FoundersCard. The many posts I’ve written are amongst my most-Googled. And a good 1/3 of reader emails ask about a specific benefit.

So I thought I’d post an update, as I still have and use mine regularly.

In fact, I just used it to join the Equinox in Dallas – and got $29 knocked off my monthly rate thanks to FoundersCard.


Just saved a bundle to get back into shape

Now I’m not saying “join Equinox!” Instead, I’d say FoundersCard is worth it if you have a particular benefit in mind, like:

As long as it stays good, I'm on board

As long as it stays this good, I’m on board

Any one of these benefits can make up FoundersCard’s $395 annual fee if you really maximize it. And more if you can make use of 2 or 3 (or more) of them.

For example, I save about $20 a month off my AT&T bill.

And the TripIt Pro membership I got from my Barclaycard Arrival Plus is about to expire.

Free TripIt Pro saves $49

Free TripIt Pro saves $49

I’ve grown to love the service and use the app constantly for my travel plans. Would I pay for it? Maybe. But I won’t have to think about it for another year, because the next one is free thanks to FoundersCard.

How I use FoundersCard to save

If I’m gonna pay $395 a year for a subscription service, I’ll be damn well sure I make up for it – and then some.

I just renewed in March. So already this year, I’m saving:

  • $29 a month off my gym membership ($348)
  • $20 a month off my AT&T phone bill ($240)
  • $49 on TripIt Pro

That adds up to $637 saved. Or $242 saved after you factor in the annual fee. Not a bad haul.

That doesn’t include all the little fringe benefits, like hotel discounts, free Entrepreneur magazine subscription, networking event tickets, and lots of other here-and-there type things that’ll pop up over the upcoming year.

All-in-all, I’m extremely happy with the card and will keep it for as long as it’s worth keeping. For the past 3 years, it has been. No regrets here.

OK, the gym thing

Yes, I want to talk about this. I’m a boozehound. I like to have drinks. My metabolism isn’t as lightning-fast as it used to be.

So I want to kick off my move to Dallas with a commitment to get in shape, exercise more, and practice yoga again (and drink less, too).

I looked at a yoga studio near my house, but they charge $109 monthly for a membership.

So I searched for other gyms within 10 minutes. If it’s not nearby, I won’t use it. I know that sounds bad, but it’s true. I need convenience if I’m going to stick to a gym routine.

And I wanted one with yoga classes.

My 10-minute radius options

My 10-minute radius options

I looked into all of these, and the only gym with daily yoga classes was Equinox. The price was comparable to other yoga studios in the area. With the added benefit of machines and equipment.

And, serendipitously, the FoundersCard discount was icing on the cake. It’s what cinched the decision for me.

But most importantly, I want to write about this to make it real. And to keep myself accountable.

I want to introduce healthy and clean new energy into my life, and this will be a great first step.

Bottom line

This is a deal that worked itself out without too much finessing on my end. If you can find a similar one with FoundersCard, and it works out, go for it. I’d say it’s worth signing up for if you can find 2 or 3 discounts that really appeal to you. Otherwise, skip it.

I also wanted to share how I maximized FoundersCard to cover its cost this year (I just renewed last month), and remind you to maximize not only this offer, but every one you find.

A little here, a little there – it really does all add up.

Feel free to sign up for FoundersCard using my referral link to lock in the $395 rate. And my email is zynner (at) gmail if you have specific questions about the discounts or service.

Also, thanks for keeping me accountable with yoga and getting into shape – for listening. You guys really are the best!

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    • No, not with both. You could swap it for the BA credit card 10% off – would be a good benefit if you didn’t already have that card. Lots of FC benefits replicate ancillary credit card bennies like that one.

  1. is the ATT discount in the form of a cashback? I am already getting 28% off thru by employer. would this 15% stack?

    • It’s a statement credit.

      I don’t think you can stack 2 AT&T discounts. I think they ask you which one you’d rather have – 28% is obviously more than 15%, so it sounds like you already get the better deal.

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