[EXPIRED] Hurry! ~$500 Moneymaker on Kitchen Appliances at Kohl’s With Freedom

Update 10/4/16: It looks like Kohl’s gift card purchases from the MPX app are NOT coding as department store as expected. Peeps in the comments say it didn’t work with their Chase Freedom cards.

No dice here, either

No dice here, either 🙁

I haven’t heard of this happening before now, so I will gather new data points before I recommend this moving forward. Thanks to all who let me know!

I’m bummed about this, but at least we got the 1,500 United miles (worth ~$30) as consolation. Though I would’ve preferred the cashback.

Update 10/3/16: This deal has expired. I plan on writing about my experience with it – here’s how to keep up with the blog so you’ll get the updates!

Need a little rush this weekend? How about buying $600+ worth of appliances at Kohl’s? 

Last year they had a similar appliance deal I didn’t take part in. But this year I did.

Now before you think I’m crazy (although it may be waaay too late for that), let me explain.

This is a moneymaker if you do it right!

Hat tip to Jill Cataldo for blogging about this and my friend Jas for turning me on to this deal!

Build the deal

I feel like I say this every time I write about Kohl’s, but… it’s no secret I freaking love Kohl’s.

Right now, they have a lot of appliances on sale for $17, including:

Lots of appliances for $17

Lots of appliances for $17

In total, there are 8 kitchen appliances at the $17 price. 


All of the items have a $12 Visa gift card rebate

And, all of the items linked above are eligible for a $12 mail-in rebate. You get a Visa gift card with a limit of 5 per product.

That means if you buy 5 of all 8 items, you can get 40 X $12 back, or $480.

Right now, there’s also a 15% promo code: SMS1871. And it does work for these items.

When you add all of them to your cart and add the promotion code, the total is ~$625. You also get $110 in Kohl’s cash to spend next week.


I paid ~$625 for all 40 appliances

Note that taxes in your state might be different than mine! In Texas, the taxes came to ~$48.

And, you must purchase the items by tomorrow, October 2nd, 2016, to qualify for the rebate (here’s the rebate form). Cheers to the weekend!

Stack stack stack

Chase Freedom

If you have the Chase Freedom, you’ll also earn 5% cashback (5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points) at department stores this quarter, on up to $1,500 in combined spending.

For this deal, you’ll end up with over 3,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points (~$30 cashback), again depending on your taxes.

Even better, you can still add-in a shopping portal. Cashback Monitor shows these current rates:


That 4X Alaska miles catches my eye

So it’s easy to add an extra 1,000 or 2,000 miles or some cashback to this deal, depending on which one you like.

Add MPX to the mix

I love the MileagePlus X app.  Right now, you can earn 3X United miles at Kohl’s. You can purchase a gift card for up to $500 at a time.

I bought a $500 gift card and got an extra 1,875 United miles. Why not.


Easy way to add ~$30 to the stack

I got a 25% bonus because I have the Chase United Explorer card. But even if you don’t, I value 1,500 United miles at ~$30 (2 cents per mile).

And yes, Visa cards code correctly through the app – the purchase will show up from Kohl’s and be coded as a department store.

Adding it all up

This is all a bit of a mind-bender, so let’s recap all the stacking for purchasing the maximum number of appliances with the $12 rebate.

  • $480 back as Visa gift cards
  • ~3,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points (~$30) and ~2,000 Alaska miles from the Alaska Airlines shopping portal (~$40)
  • 15% off with promotion code SMS1871
  • 1,500 United miles from a $500 gift card through MileagePlus X app (~$30)
  • $110 back as Kohl’s Cash
  • 300 Kohl’s Yes2You points (worth another $30)

Note that always value airline miles at 2 cents each.

With Chase Freedom, you end up with 480 + 70 + 30 + 140 = $720.

Your appliances are free! And, you even come out ahead by ~$95 to ~$150. That’s a pretty great deal no matter how you slice it. And of course, if you go the Chase Freedom route, the 3,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be worth more if you have another card that lets you transfer to travel partners: Sapphire Reserve, Sapphire Preferred, or Ink Plus.

Update: I already got my Kohl’s Cash via email.


Here’s the $110 in Kohl’s Cash

But wait! There’s more

Free or really cheap kitchen appliances are great and all, but I don’t really need 40 boxes of stuff sitting around.

I might keep 1 or 2 items, and a couple to give away in a few months as Christmas presents, but I plan on reselling these items locally on Craigslist or similar. You may even have a local reselling page on Facebook. Or another site you want to use.

Assuming you can get $10 per appliance, which seems reasonable as they will be new in box, unopened, and retail for ~$30, that’s a profit of $400.

The key here is to sell them as a batch so you only have to deal with one transaction. Or maybe two.

Or, you can donate them to charity for the holiday season. You could even ask them for a donation slip to use as a tax write-off.

Any drawbacks?

Yup, there sure are.

For one, you’ll have to deal with the rebate. And you’ll have to float the ~$625 or so until you get the gift cards in hand.

And, if you choose to resell these, you will have to list them and arrange payment and pickup. But like I said, if you can do it in one or two transactions locally, it shouldn’t be much of a time suck.

But the pros far outweigh the cons. This isn’t for everyone, but the way I see it is:

I spent 15 minutes buying this stuff. I’ll spend 15 minutes mailing the rebates in. And say 30 minutes for the reselling in hopefully one batch. That’s at least $500 for an hour of work.

That may sound idealistic, as this is my first foray into reselling, but I’m curious to see how it goes. And this is the perfect stackable deal for beginning. Because either way, you won’t lose anything between the rebates and all the stacking.

Bottom line

Free kitchen appliances! And, you get $110 in Kohl’s cash to turn around and use next week. So that’s more free presents, or free household stuff, or clothes, or whatever.

If you sold the items for $10 each, you’d come out ahead by $500, with $400 of that cash in your pocket.

I’ve never resold items like this, but this seems ultra low-risk as they end up being free anyway. So worst case scenario, you end up with a lot of stuff to give away or donate. Which isn’t a bad scenario at all, which is why I gave this a spin today.

The rebate T&Cs say you have to make your purchase by October 2nd, 2016. So if you don’t get around to it today, there’s always tomorrow. 😉

Another HUGE note is that you don’t have to scale this all the way up. You can buy 5 or 7 and still come out ahead – and that’s even more low-risk than this. I just went full hog is all.

Will you take part in this? Or is it too much of a PITA to deal with? Any thoughts on stacking, scaling, or reselling are extremely welcomed!

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        • Strange. Mine is still good to go, and even got my Kohl’s Cash already. Are you able to get any insight as to why they canceled it? Sometimes they will do that if the addresses don’t perfectly match, that’s happened to me in the past.

          • I ended up calling and getting the order through over the phone. But I imagine I will lose my cash back since it was a phone order and not my original online order that went through. Also didn’t get the Freedom 5x points, but it was worth a shot.

  1. I have been doing this for years. Every black friday, its the same deal. The MPX app was a new twist on this favorite. I did not think of that! Also, counting the 5% CB from Discover is misleading, as that can easily be captured at Sam’s club. So it;s more like free miles and appliances.

    • I’m not sure what you mean, but I don’t have a Sam’s Club membership. So I’m earning the 5% in the department store category here. Correct me if I’m missing something!

  2. I love doing these rebates…I got some Hamilton Beach appliances (crockpot, coffeemaker and toaster) in late July, which overlapped with 3x Yes2You earning. Just one thing about the Toastmaster items – the hand mixer is really awful. Don’t resell that one unless you want problems.

  3. Hey Harlan,

    Are you saying that splitting payment between a $500 GC and $100-200 on the CC will show up as a 100% CC transaction?

    • Yes! Both on Discover It in my case. Or you can purchase 2 gift cards via MPX, as long as it adds up to your total you should be fine. My friend did it that way and said it was easy. I just chose to do one $500 gift card.

      • I wouldn’t do this. I’ve had many situations where purchases through Discover were not properly tracked and/or clawed back due to payment not being 100% with a Discover CC. Given the size of the purchase I don’t think it’s worth the risk here. If you have Discover CC in it’s first year (double cash back) then I’d personally just go that route as its a nice 20% discount when it’s all said and done.

        • That’s very true. Way I see it, between the $480 in gift cards and the resale value of $400, that’s $880 for a $625 purchase and all the stacking stuff becomes gravy. So I’m fine with risking it. But as always, do what you feel is best. The 20% back is nothing to sniff at!

  4. Did you use your 500$ GC from MPX to buy through Discover portal? I thought they wouldn’t pay if not paying with a Disover card directly for the purchase.

  5. Missing one piece of the equation. If you use DiscoverIT/CHASE – then how does the United Miles fit it?

    If you buy $500 through portal using United Card, then again $600 ish with Discover/Chase.

    Can someone elaborate how you use both?

  6. Will probably not get the Discover 5% on-line cashback. States: Do not use this offer in combination with other promo codes or offers.

  7. This sounds like a great deal- but I won’t be doing it because it IS a bit of a PITA!

    I wish this deal lasted longer than tomorrow since I’m traveling all weekend without a computer!

  8. If I use a cc that I am trying to meet the minimum spend to buy the GC thru the MileageX app does it code as a GC or a Kohls purchase?

  9. None of the codes from the MileagePlus shopping portal nor Alaska Airlines shopping portal will work. Says they are for upcoming promotions and cannot be used. If you use the code above, the 15 percent discount comes off but per terms and conditions from United and Alaska, they will not pay out if you use a code not from their website.

    • Peeps report success anyway. Worth a shot, even if it ends up not working. Because I’d rather have 15% off than 2K Alaska miles. And if the miles happen to post, well… even better! I have a feeling they will still post, though.

  10. Hey,

    I am not sure if you are aware of this but it is possible to convert Kohls cash or yes2rewards to cash. It happened to one of my orders, I placed an order with these and forgot to pick it up in store, after a week the amount was credited to my bank account.

    Hope this helps!

    110 in cash!

  11. Do we know if these are all cumulatively added to one visa gift card? For me, that’s a deal breaker if I have to deal with a bunch of $12 VGC.

  12. Wow thank you! This is amazing. I just purchased 6 appliances to hit the free shipping limit and used ebates for 6% back. I find that ebates post cash back with little hassle. And great point with purchasing gift cards thru MPX for another bonus. I had no idea those purchases still coded as Kohls for the Freedom 5% back!

  13. Your ultimate rewards points valuation is flawed. If your always value airline points at $0.02 then ultimate rewards points should be worth at least that since you can transfer to multiple airlines.

    • True, but only if you have another card. URs earned with Freedom are only worth a cent each on their own, and you can’t transfer them to travel partners. So I left it as a cent each.

  14. The rebate form says you have to send in the UPC from packaging, which would seem to prevent reselling the items as “new in box.”… No? How to get around this?

    • I’d just say that upfront. “UPC has been removed, otherwise unopened and brand new.”

      If people care that much, they won’t buy. But I think telling them is the best way to handle.

      • Dangerous on Amazon, possible on Ebay, safer on Craigslist. Folks don’t read descriptions well and the negative impact to your reputation is not worth the hassle. Remember this is gift season and folks like pristine items for giving so they don’t look cheap!

  15. Has anyone had trouble actually placing the orders? Kohl’s keeps declining my order and refuses to tell me why on the phone. I bought a GC through MPX so I need to unload it…

    • The same thing happened to me. I had to wait forever for their fraud department to verify the purchase and once that was done I had to redo the whole order online.

    • Same thing happened to me when i used a new account and my credit card got declined due to fraud prevention. I managed to place the order after switching to my old Kohls account registered long time ago

  16. Thank you very much for the post. After reading all the comments and doing due diligence I pulled the trigger for a total of 40 pieces. (8 Items 5 Each).
    This is my 1st time on Kohl’s for a deal like this.
    Did not use the MPX route as I was afraid I will be stuck with $500 Kohls GC if I decide to cancel the order or if Kohls decides to cancel my order. All in, hoping to be a great deal.

    • Thank you for reading! 🙂

      It’s my first time, too. This seems like the perfect one to begin on. And I’m glad you did what you felt comfortable with. Hoping for the best myself lol. Thanks again!

  17. Looking at the rebate form, it says:

    Found on product packaging. Copies will not be accepted.

    Does this mean we will need to cut out every barcode and send it in with the rebate form?

  18. Hiya, Harlan’s friend Jas here! I did a similar deal last year (except it was Black and Decker) and it worked like a charm (minus MPX angle, I didn’t do that.)

    To answer a couple of questions:

    – The rebate gift card came in about a month and it was ONE card. I don’t recall if it had PIN capability (my gut tells me no, but I don’t recall for sure)

    – I did this deal today and my Kohl’s cash, Yes2You, and United miles have already posted. (Harlan, I’ll update when Freedom 5X and Alaska portal miles come in)

    – Last year I resold about 75% of the appliance haul and gave the rest away. Made a couple hundred bucks plus the extra points!

    – To resell, I listed the items on a couple of local Facebook buy / sell / trade sites and people gobbled them up. I always let them know the UPCs were missing but otherwise new in box.

    – To remove the UPCs I used a box cutter and cut them out.

    – I mailed the rebate form and UPCs in one envelope. Before doing so I photocopied all. And I sent the envelope with tracking to make sure it got there.

    Hope this helps! Like a few have mentioned, might be worth skipping the MPX step in case your order is cancelled (sounds like Kohl’s is on to this now)

      • No. “You have not been charged for this order. If you used Gift Cards or Kohl’s Cash on this order, the amount will be refunded within the next 2 days. Since you have not been charged, no Kohl’s Cash has been accrued.”

  19. If I place this order today, will it still work since it is october 2? I will be paying with discover it, has anyone been cancelled using a credit card? If so is there any recourse? Thanks

  20. So…mathematically…you are not coming out ahead cash wise until you sell some of the items, as kohls cash can not “easily” be converted to cash (as returned items get reissued as another kohls cash coupon). 480 visa + 62 for those who may use the freedom and discover portal is only 540 or so. about 80 bucks short. Sure you can include Kohls cash and selling items…but just confirming….without reselling the items you are essentially locking yourself into spending 80 bucks at Kohls before you break even again. Not saying its a not a good deal…but just making sure people know you are not making money until you offload your products or if you already intended to shop at Kohls.

    • I agree with you logic. But then, each appliance costs $2, which is also a great deal.

      Kohl’s Cash is extremely easy to use/spend, so just keep that in mind. No reason why you wouldn’t use it, but yeah, you get the best deal if you actually need (or were going to purchase the items) you redeem the Kohl’s Cash for. Def.

      • Yeah, like i said, def a good deal, and I am getting in fully on it….especially with Winter and Christmas coming up, can do some early shopping with the Kohls cash…just making sure people are aware its not like the Office max/Depot deals that are money makers right out the gate 🙂

  21. Based on the items’ reviews, it’s a good thing you’re buying 5 of them… Seems like they break really fast

    • And that’s why I’m not buying any of the knife, the blender or the coffeepot. I’m undecided about the can opener.

      I will be donating my haul to a women’s shelter and a veteran’s charity, both of which help people go from being homeless to housed. Such a shame that the coffeemaker is junk 🙁

  22. Thanks for the post! I went in on this as well. Although the post title is a little misleading, usually moneymaker amount doesn’t factor in resale profit. So essentially it’s a ~$145 MM ($625.32-$480-$110-$120-$30-$30) for you before resell.

    And the Discover ~$125 is a bit off too. Discover Deals calculates based on pre-tax amount, whereas Q4 Discover cashback based on after tax, so pre-tax 10% is $57.77, post-tax 10% is ~$62.53, so should be ~$120, very minor.

    Thanks either way!

    • Ah, cool! This is my first time trying anything like this, so I’ll keep those in mind for the future – curious to see how it all goes!

      Thanks for the info, much appreciated – and for reading!

  23. My order was cancelled as well 🙁 I’m now stuck with a $500 Kohl’s gift card, which is my mistake since I should’ve tested the waters before getting it through MPX.

    Any suggestions how I could unload the $500 gift card?

    • You could try to order once more, just to be sure.

      If that doesn’t work, try to sell the gift card online. There are a few sites that’ll pay you for them, although not at full face value.

      But before you head that route, try to place the order once more. Perhaps create a new account?

    • Same thing happened to me but I knew it would based on the other posts. I called and it was resolved and once they transferred me back to the online dept. I asked the rep to stay on the line while I placed the order on the website vs. over the phone to ensure I didn’t have any issues the second time. The rep told me the system flagged it because of the high dollar amount for the gift card and I think also that the Kohl’s account was just created (makes sense). My order went through fine the 2nd time.

  24. Regarding reselling, the rebate requires you to send the original UPC to them. So do you have to cut them from the box and send them? If so, what do you say when you re-sell it?

  25. Thanks for the post! I just ordered three of each, and it looks like it went through successfully. I’m going to do a second order for two of each in a bit. I figured breaking up the order might help get around the fraud alert.

  26. I used the AA portal this morning at 4 miles/dollar (Alaska was showing Kohls at 2 miles/dollar) and the Freedom. May keep one or more of the crock pots, but the rest will go to a charity. In retrospect, the decision to jump in was impulsive, though it has the rush of the old US Airways Grand Slam Promo (just a little less complicated).

    Thanks for the post!

  27. For anyone wondering about fraud issues and cancellations…Kohl’s has had a big problem with fraudsters either hacking into customers’ accounts or using large gift cards that somehow get clawed back. The thieves place orders at the end of a Kohl’s Cash earning period and use it in-store before their game is discovered. The theft wasn’t the items originally ordered – it was whatever they bought with the Kohl’s Cash earned from those orders. So this is why they are jumping all over $500 orders from people who never order that much from them. Also, Kohl’s lets you use up to 4 gift cards per purchase, consider using smaller denominations of $200 or less (commonly available everywhere).

  28. “That 4X Alaska miles catches my eye”

    Caught my eye too but if you go to the site it’s only 2X. Wonder what’s up with that. Might be a deal breaker for me…

  29. Stupid question: Do you send in just one rebate form for all 40 items? Or do you send in 40 rebate forms, one for each item?


  30. I’m a newbie — and this is pretty big stuff to play with – & so many hoops to get through correctly. But . . . I’m all in . . . with 40 appliances due to arrive next week. ((delivery people & neighbors must wonder . . . LOL ))

    Immediately after I pulled the trigger on the $679.60 order (less 15% discount code), I received an email from Kohls indicating the order did not process:

    “We Couldn’t Complete Your Order
    We couldn’t complete order #xxxxxxx, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us to figure out the next steps toll-free at 1-855-564-5705.
    You have not been charged for this order. If you used Gift Cards or Kohl’s Cash on this order, the amount will be refunded within the next 2 days. Since you have not been charged, no Kohl’s Cash has been accrued.”

    I suspect it bounced because:
    * Brand new Kohls account. (I created my Kohls account today)
    * Size of gift card ($500)
    * Size of order.

    After promptly calling the Kohls number, I was passed through 3 agents (levels of authority). Every agent was exceptionally well trained & very polite, and eventually the third agent redid the entire order & sent me a new order confirmation”
    “Thanks for shopping with us”

    So I’m in business – and my hands will quit shaking pretty soon, I’m sure! Next time it’ll be easier, having done the entire process once.

    • Wow, that’s an awesome story. Glad it worked out – and I am right there with you!

      If you think of it, post an update with how everything went once it’s all settled – would love to hear how it played out!

    • Hate to say it but if they created a new order number then there’s a good chance your cash back portal didn’t track. It sounds like they basically created a phone order for you and just copied over the contents of your online order.

      • I did just get an email from my shopping portal (ebates) indicating a $34.68 check was due me. It might have been on the cancelled order that they hadn’t caught up with — so we shall see.. I’ll let you know.

      • Just checked my Ebates account — it is indeed the old (cancelled) order # linked to the Ebate $$ . . . so I will not be expecting to receive that little benny. Oh well — the bottom line still shows a profit and It’s a huge learning experience! Tomorrow I get to figure out how to use the $110 Kohls Cash & $30 Yes2You Rewards.

        Anyone know an easy way to liquidate those two items? (Kohls Cash & Yes2You Rewards)

  31. For newbies, a blow-by-blow process summary would be helpful. Something like this:

    1. Utilize the MPX (Mileage Plus X) app to purchase Khols Gift Card(s).
    2. Be sure to use the correct credit card. (I goofed and used Chase Sapphire instead of Chase Freedom . . . so I sacrificed 4 cents per dollar on that silly oversight.)
    3. Clear your cookies on your browser anytime you’re headed for a shopping portal.
    4. Go to Cashback Monitor to find the best shopping portal for Kohls.
    5. Click through to your chosen shopping portal.
    6. Click through to Kohls
    7. Open a new account if you don’t already have one. ((Don’t do the order as a “guest” — potential difficulty tracking order history.))
    8. Print out the Kohls Rebate form for this offer.
    9. Select your items (Make certain the SKUs match the rebate form)
    10. Review your shopping cart & begin check-out..
    11. Be sure to enter your Promo Code for additional discount.
    12. Pay with the correct card (see my #2)
    13 Be sure to enter the correct addresses for credit card billing & shipping.
    14. Save your confirmation email.
    15. Photocopy everything you send in with your rebate form.

  32. Received notification from Kohl’s that the entire order has shipped. I’ll be receiving 2 deliveries and was supplied w/ 2 tracking codes. Still might do one more order tonight. Did not use the United App because that seemed like the one step that could screw the order up for such a small amount of miles. I’m getting Discover 20% return which is more important.

    • Very cool! I’m getting mine in 3 deliveries from UPS lol. Is it weird I’m actually kind of giddy about this?

      I understand the concern about the MPX app. I threw it in because I’ve had luck with it before and decided to go for it. I’ll definitely be tracking all of this very closely.

      The 20% back is a sweet deal and I can see how you wouldn’t want to risk it. Keep us posted – I’d love to hear how it all shakes out for you in the end!

  33. Rebate TOS “Not valid with any other promotions, with the exception of the Kohl’s Associate discount” In my ears that sounds like if you use the 15% coupon you are not eligible for the mail-in rebates. Just a warning! have been doing mail-in offers for years and they will try their HARDEST to deny your claim.

    • This is not new wording – the Hamilton Beach rebates I did in late July had it, and my rebate is valid and on its way (I only sent it in 5 weeks ago). Actually, it’s showing that I’m getting $100 back when it should only be $90 – we’ll see how that goes. Also, I chatted with a live help agent earlier about using Kohl’s Cash as partial payment for my order that includes rebate items, and he said it would not nullify my eligibility. I saved a screenshot of that just in case.

  34. Harlan, congrats on an exceptionally well done post and discussion thread — helpful, detailed, and civil. 🙂 (so refreshing these days) We just order 12 of these gadgets after creating an account; actually plan to use them within the extended family. I too noticed that for some of the items, the reviews posted (the few that there are) were rather negative. (Others seem quite promising.) Then again, the price is “right” — so won’t feel so “bad” if we end up returning some. (Occurs to me though we’ll need to test them all before cutting out the upc codes…?) In any case, thanks for a fine post and helpful follow-up. (Rather relieved — if still a tad wondering — that we only need to fill out one rebate form and one envelope. Will keep copies of everything.)

    • Thank you! I’ve been blessed to have an awesome comments section!

      I saw the reviews too. Some items had nearly all 5-star reviews, others, not so much. We’ll see how it goes. Agreed about the price being right – practically nothing!

      I believe it’s one form and one envelope – from others who’ve done rebates with Kohl’s before. Definitely keep copies of everything and send via delivery confirmation just in case.

      And thanks for reading and commenting – glad you got in on the deal! Keep us posted and let us know how it goes. Thanks again! 🙂

  35. Just received notice (5 hours after I ordered) that all 40 items are being shipped in 3 separate shipments — scheduled to arrive this Wednesday, Thurs or Fri. (It’s Sunday today).

    We have a bunch of young friends (we are in our 70’s) who have all recently gotten married & I couldn’t come up with a personalized gift idea for them. The light went on today: After the mdse arrives, we will invite each couple for dinner, just to get to know them. Then after dinner, we will take them to a table in another room that has all 8 of the small appliances on display. We will tell them to take their choice: take what they need; don’t take what they don’t need. Can you imagine what a blessing that is going to be??!!

  36. Received notice from UPS that my packages will be delivered tomorrow, 10/04/16. Wham, Bam, thank you again!

  37. Used ebates for 6% cash back on Kohl’s. Still don’t see the cashback confirmation on ebates. Anyone else in the same situation.

    By the way thanks to Harlan for this wonderful post.

    • I used ebates as well. The cashback confirmation came 1.5 hours after I placed my order with Kohl’s. Good luck.

      • Hi Steve,

        Thanks for the info. I had to just click help on ebates and submit the information related to my purchase and the corresponding shopping trip number. Right now they have added it. Let’s see how it goes.

  38. MPX posted today on my Freedom. DID NOT code as department store. Any chance disputing this works? Thats 2,500 UR I lost out on

    • Wow, that’s never happened to be yet. I’d call Chase and ask if they can adjust as a one-time exception. Just curious, what did it code as? My Discover It charge hasn’t cleared yet, but I expect it to tomorrow or the next day.

        • Oh no! Mine has yet to clear.

          I know my friend Jasmin used her Chase Freedom for this, too. Terrible news this piece of it fell out. 🙁 I won’t try/recommend the MPX step in the future.

          • Well, going through MPX I still got 3x United miles + 1x UR from the Freedom. If I paid with Freedom I would have gotten 5x … so really only missed out on ~600 UR. Hardly anything to worry about 😉 Still great deal regardless! Thanks for the recommendation!

  39. I already received my 40 pcs keeping 3 of them have 37 left posted a add on CL no one has responded if anyone knows anyone thats buying them in the NY area that would be great want them out of my NY APT asap 🙂

    • Yeah, same thing happened to me. You might have luck pleading your case to Chase. I think Kohl’s must’ve just changed how they code because it happened with my Discover It, too.

    • hmmm . . . IMHO it’s time to be thankful for the posting & the bennies we DID receive. The blogger didn’t intend to deceive anyone & was straightforward about past experience (which never automatically translates into future experience). Count your blessings & be thankful for all Harlan’s help.

    • Whether it’s deal hacking or MS/Churning, one thing you learn (and if you’re smart you just accept off the bat) is that it’s all YMMV and often is more time consuming than you thought. This opportunity and the math behind it required and assumed all dominoes would fall exactly as they were supposed to. Well, the more hurdles there are the more likely something can go wrong. Point being, you have to accept it and jump in or walk away and say no thanks.

      I personally wasn’t interested in this particular deal, but then again I had no need for kitchen gadgets. Between the possibility of being banned, not having proper tracking and rebate issues it was ultimately not something I had the time or energy for with soon to be 2 rugrats below the age of 2.5 years old. It’ll be different for everyone though, hence YMMV.

  40. In the rebate form it says:
    The original rebate receipt or packing
    slip dated between 09/28/16–10/02/16.”
    I have my stuff delivered in 5 different packages.
    What should I include for this?
    A printout of the email receipt or the 5 different packing slips (originals)?

  41. I want to sell the appliances but the rebate form says to send original UPC code from the box. How can I address this situation.

    Also are you planning to send 40 different rebates.

      • Now $13.49 per item. How do you go about getting a price adjustment? That’s a $140 adjustment for 40 items. Also, I don’t know about others who did this deal, but my order came in 2 boxes. I only received a receipt in one box for 23 items out of 40. Haven’t figured out how I’m going to get the rebate w/ a receipt for 23 items.

      • All 40 items arrived in 4 different boxes 5 days after order was placed.
        Rebate Form submitted with 40 UPCs & 4 original Packing Slips yesterday.
        Just called Kohl’s Customer Service per link above (855-564-5705),
        Rep took all my order info
        + My request for $13.49 price adjustment per item ($14.99 – add’l 10% per ad)
        + My request to refund $ to the original Visa card used for order (It’s OK with me to sacrifice a few UR points to avoid getting a Kohls gift card that is difficult for me to use)

        Rep gave me a case #
        + indicated I would receive an email in 3-5 days
        + indicated I would receive refund in 7-10 days after the email.

        If it all comes thru – that’s an additional $140 profit! Amazing!
        Thx to all who posted about this offer, the updates, the links, etc.

  42. Took a bit of work to get the adjustment – the Kohls reps’ English is not 100%, and they seemed unsure of their policies relating to honoring coupons (i.e. The 15% off code).

    I had to hang up and call back to find someone who knew what they were doing, but she said she processed it and I should get confirmation shortly… crossing my fingers. $2 per item coming back.

    Btw, has anyone sent in the rebate form yet? Any response to that or issues coming up?

    • After receiving confirmation that $80 would be refunded to my account, I e-replied and asked for the extra 10% discount on the ad, because I ordered more than 1 of each item. Refund should be ($2.00 + $1.50) = $3.50 x 40 = $140.00.
      I just received confirmation that the full $140 would be posted to my account within 7-10 days. (Actually, the email said $180.90 would be credited . . .?? not sure where that other $40.90 came from. Maybe there was another coupon that is valid now. We shall see if it materializes.)

    • Lucky you! I have so far dealt with 3 agents (phone and email) and none of them understand what I’m asking for. Endless back-and-forth emails asking for order number, promo code (can’t seem to get it through to them that there isn’t one), sku, etc. I think they all napped during price adjustment training – except for the rep you got, apparently!

      • My experience was also frustrating; called in the day they went on sale at the lessor price and the adjustment was promised but not with a specific dollar amount – then got an email the next day saying I had already purchased at the lowest available price – called back the next day and rep agreed to issue credit for the sale difference which was $65 or so for the 35 items I bought. That credited back to my card today

      • MMKate: I feel your pain. The language barrier was difficult to overcome. I had a heavy breather CSR and the Wife and I couldn’t stop laughing. Took 1/2 hour to finally confirm the $140 credit. Was told we’d receive an email in 10 minutes to confirm the $140. That was three days ago and never did receive the email.
        Called back the following day to confirm the $140. After trying to explain, the CSR said, oh, I understand and found the email. Yup, sent an email saying I had $110 Kohl’s cash for the purchase which was already used & expired on 10/10. Called back again right away and eventually CSR did confirm notes that I was getting $140. Was frustrating but received $145 in Kohl’s cash & rewards, $140 adjustment $480 rebate, 10% Discover cash back (probably about $48) and a boatload of free small appliances to donate to the Salvation Army. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks Harlan!

  43. Has anybody received any acknowledgement from the kohl’s rebate website that their rebate has been received? According to my tracking my rebate was received by kohl’s last Saturday, but still no confirmation on their end.

        • Got my rebate confirmation email yesterday night at around 11:30 PM EST. When I checked the tracking number on their website, I could see the rebate amount for $84 as I had purchased 7 items. I mailed with tracking number and it was delivered on Oct 11th.

          Dear ,

          We have received your rebate submission for Receive a $12 Kohl’s Visa Prepaid Card, by mail, with the purchase of select Toastmaster kitchen electrics (multiple SKU’s) at Kohl’s or kohls.com..

          Your rebate tracking number is:

          To check your rebate status, go to http://www.kohlsrebates.com

          Please be sure to keep a copy of your tracking number for future reference.

          Thank you for your Kohl’s purchase. We look forward to serving you again.


          • Curious if you used the 15% off promo code? There was a suggestion above this code might invalidate the rebate.


          • Received confirmation at 9am eastern of mine, but had to web chat to straighten out the correct amount.

            I called to inquire about it last week and was told it can take 6-8 weeks to process if rebates/UPC’s are mailed for this waiting.

    • Received email confirmation with Rebate Tracking # on Oct. 19. (16 days after mailing in SKU’s & packing slips on one rebate submission.)

      Rebate amount notification was for $468 instead of $480.
      When I checked the rebate details online (www.kohlsrebates.com), I saw there is a CHAT window. Connected to the Chat agent (was given a Chat reference #). Agent checked into the submission and confirmed the $12 error. Indicated my Rebate will indeed be $480.

      Simple as pie!
      Here’s the details of the prepaid Visa card that will be mailed:
      * Please keep in mind that the card will arrive active and ready to be used anywhere Visa is accepted.
      * Be sure to swipe it as credit even though it says debit.
      * To verify your balance and transactions please refer to the web site on the back of the card

      Awesome deal, especially after the items went on sale a couple days later. After contacting Customer Service on a Kohls “price guarantee”, I was credited that additional $180 refund (not without a couple contacts to correct an error on their part however.) Full “price guarantee” refund was posted to my Visa card, even though the refund amount exceeded the amount posted to that card. Sweet.

      To respond to a couple previous post questions:
      * I did claim the 15% discount on the original order. (Kohl’s discounts & Mfg rebates are not related)
      * Mailed all 40 SKUs, all original packing slips, 1 claim form, in 1 envelope.
      * Should have mailed them with a tracking # for my peace of mind.
      * Kept a copy of all documents for my reference.

      I am giving away small appliances like crazy!

      Will donate the remainder to a nonprofit 2nd hand store or veterans program & claim full retail value ($29.99 $ $19.99 depending on the item) for the donation on 2016 taxes. Net Federal Income Tax savings on that donation will be approx 25% of the value of the donation, depending on my tax bracket.

      Thank you Harlan for this GREAT post! Amazingly profitable new adventure it turned out to be! Just gotta stay on top of it every step, I learned. No problem — it’s produced great pocket change!!

  44. My rebate of $480 shows up on the kohls rebate website now! I never received an email. Now I can stop worrying about it

    • Did you send exactly 1 envelope with all packing slips/UPCs? My appliances came in 5 boxes, all with their own packing slips. I’m wondering whether it makes sense to submit 5 rebate forms, one for each box, or just one rebate form for everything.

  45. I’ve had an interesting experience trying to get my price adjustment refund of $140. Last weekend I chatted with a rep who confirmed with me over chat that I would be receiving the $140 refund in 7 days. I then received an email a few hours later saying that they could not honor the $140 refund. So I went back to chat and asked them what was going on. After a few minutes of discussion the problem was resolved and again I was told that I would be receiving the $140 and not to worry that it would go back on my card. Fast forward to last night I still had not received the refund to my card so I contacted them over chat and was told that I would only be receiving $80 and to contact customer service over the phone to figure out why only $80 and not the full $140 I was promised. Long story short I spent close to an hour on the phone talking to a few customer service reps who didn’t even know their own price adjustment rules and policies. Finally I was transferred to another customer service rep who looked through my order and notes and said “we can not accommodate you because this is a bulk order”. I asked him to please show me where in the terms and conditions it states anything remotely close to that. “I am sorry sir but I cannot do that”. I gave up – the incompetence infuriated me. Any suggestions on what to do

    • Why would the adjustment be $140? The price dropped by $2 per item, so assuming you ordered 40 items, that would be an $80 adjustment, no?

        • A possible way to resolve:

          Sounds like there might be some confusion about promo codes (i.e. the initial 15% off coupon). When I first called, they told me the price had gone UP because I originally paid $14.44 per item ($16.99 less the 15% off code), and it had changed to $14.99, therefore they could not make an adjustment.

          I explained that the 15% off code was still valid at the time, so the new price was actually $12.74 ($14.99 less 15%). I had to talk to several different reps, but eventually they understood. I think the correct amount to refund would have actually been $1.70 per item ($14.44 – $12.74), but they refunded me a full $2.00 per item (based on the advertised price, not the after-promo-code price).

          It could be easier to communicate with the reps if you just request $2.00 per item based on the advertised price change and disregarding any promo code — you might not be getting quite everything you deserve, but it’s a lot better than nothing.

          FWIW, I just tried adding the items to my cart again and they show as $14.99 from my cart, so perhaps there’s some offer/promo on your account that’s dropping it to $13.50, which could be another source of confusion for their reps.

  46. I am little behind on this- #2 says-ORIGINAL REBATE RECEIPT
    The original rebate receipt or packing
    slip dated between 09/28/16–10/02/16. where do i get rebate receipt.

        • I would think you’d need the upc’s, rebate form, and either the receipt from in-store purchase or the packing slip from the online order that came in the box with the products.

          • I didn’t get a packing slip with all of my boxes. I got 5 boxes and 2 packing slips. What should I do because one of the slips shows 3 out of 5 items but I have all 5 UPC codes? Also, this seems to be common cuz I ordered some sheets and no packing slip at all came in the box.

          • I’m no expert, this was my only experience with Kohls rebates. Maybe use the packing slip you have and also include the emailed receipt from when you bought or order history from the website?

  47. IMPORTANT: Check your rebate tracking number to make sure you got the correct amount. If they claim your rebate is lowered due to Kohls Cash redemption, point out that it’s (sort of) not referenced in the terms and conditions of the rebate. I was shorted $36. I redeemed a $35 KC…so I assumed it was that + tax. They adjusted the rebate to the correct amount, citing that they were accidentally missing the coffee maker rebates.

  48. To those who didn’t get packing slips or can’t find them or did Buy Online Pickup In Store…log into your Kohl’s account and go to your Purchase History. Click on the order number. Below the address/billing info, you will see “Tracking Number” in small bold print, followed by a printer icon and the linked “Packing Slip/Receipt”. Just open and print.

  49. Hey, same Toastmaster appliances, $16.99 price, and $12 rebate going on Nov 24-25. Check page 18 of the Kohl’s Black Friday mailer. The only coupon out there though is for 15% during those days, but it is partially made up for by the extra Kohl’s Cash, $15 KC per $50 spent. I do not see the rebate form yet though. So if it has the same limits (they usually do)…40 appliances for $679.60 – 15% = $577.66 + tax (split into multiple orders – it’ll be fine for the rebate). Earn $165 in Kohl’s Cash and $480 in rebates. If the 15% isn’t for cardholders only (I suspect it isn’t), then use your Chase Freedom card or any other one where Department Stores are a bonus category for an additional 5% cash back ($28.88), and Ebates is never less than 3% CB for Kohl’s ($17.33). In summary: Pay $577.66 + tax, get back $480 rebate, $165 Kohl’s Cash, and $17-$46 or more in credit card and portal bonuses.

      • Oh wow, how did I miss this part — the $10 off $50 Home coupon that expires tonight will work until 3am, and with any luck, the $50 shipping minimum won’t change. In that case, buy in orders of 5 appliances or 4 appliances plus a filler item worth at least $4.60. $85 – $10 = $75 – 20% = $60 + tax. Earn $15 Kohl’s Cash and $60 in rebates. If you do 4 items plus a $5 filler (BF deal on classic board games like Clue $4.99), that’s $73 – $10 = $63 – 20% = $50.40. Get $15 KC and $60 rebate. My carts are lined up! Lol.

    • UPDATE: Can be done online starting 11/21 actually. And if you do it 1am-3am, you can use the 20% code that is currently valid!

        • Looks like you’re right. I couldn’t find the appropriate rebate form, and since someone posted it since my comment, I do see that it’s not like the other BF Toastmaster rebate offers. It is only the 24th & 25th.

  50. Anybody else having trouble tracking their rebate? Mine wasn’t tracking, so I started a chat session and they asked me to send the info in via email. Unfortunately both Outlook and Gmail refuse to deliver to emails to the rebateshq.com, but hopefully once I figure that out I hope I can still get my rebate.

    • no problems for me, the only issue i ran into was mine tracked for 27 items vs. 40 and I chatted with them and it was fixed and i also got an email confirmation

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