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Booked: Venice in August

This year is shaping up to be very Europe-y. So far, I have Paris in June (on British Airways), Germany in Oktober (on Lufthansa), and now, Venice sandwiched in between the two in August (on Swiss).

I got in on the fare war that Star Alliance carriers were having at Delta hubs, and was able to book the new business class on Swiss round-trip for a hair under $1,500. Not nothing, but a good deal since it was only $40 more than regular ol’ economy. Plus, it’s my birthday trip: I’ll be turning 30 in Italy this year!

I’m glad I booked when I did because now, fares are around $5,000 for the same itinerary.

I'd much rather pay a third of that

I’d much rather pay less than a third of that!

This is good because:

  • It’s Star Alliance. I slipped into a Oneworld zone last year with mostly LAN and American metal
  • It’s on Swiss. I really want to see and try new products
  • It’s not SkyTeam. The only member I’m interested in at this point is Korean. Screw Delta, Air France, KLM, and Alitalia
  • I’ve never been to Italy, and can’t wait to see Venice
  • It’s my birthday trip, so will feel super special to be in a beautiful new place 🙂

Buying this ticket was NOT the most financially responsible thing I’ve ever done, but whatever. I was able to click through the FIA/Fidelity portal to get 3 points a dollar back + points for using a mileage-earning credit card, so around $75 back right off the bat. It will also give me new things to explore and write about (and I’m still not caught up with everything).

Last year was all about the Southern Hemisphere, with Easter Island, Santiago, Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand. This year is looking to be about Western Europe. So funny how these themes seem to crop up each year.

Did anyone else get on this deal? I’d love to hear about all the itineraries people were able to construct!