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Out and Out’s Best Posts of 2015

Wow. Out and Out made huge strides in 2015. A lot happened – and even more will happen in 2016.

Blog traffic tripled this year. In fact December 2015 is the biggest month ever for the blog (and it’s not over yet!). I’m thinking of how to improve things around here even more, and celebrating every step of the way because I couldn’t grow without your support.



You guys are awesome. I love my readers!

I’ve ironed out many ideas on here and found solid resolutions thanks to tons of community-focused comments. And meeting new peeps at the regular Reach for the Miles meetup has been fantastic.

I hope to continue the momentum and keep improving.

But first, I want to take a moment to pause and look back at where we’ve been this year.

Best of 2015

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How I’m Using Todoist to Organize My Days and (Travel) Goals

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I wrote last week about 5 new apps that are revolutionizing my workflow, the way I approach my days, and overall helping me kick ass with goals and productivity.

I mentioned a to-do app called Swipes that has great reviews.

Come to find out, there are about a zillion apps that all attempt to accomplish the same thing (I know, duh, right?).

To that end, I explored a few more, and for whatever reason, Todoist grabbed me and swept me away.

todoist review


Not only is it a great place to store to-do lists, but it’s also helping me organize my personal and travel goals.

What’s Todoist?

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