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Bumped From a Flight? Get AirHelp.

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Out and Out is starting a partnership with AirHelp.

AirHelp is an app for filing claims when you're involuntarily bumped from a flight

AirHelp is an app for filing claims when you’re involuntarily bumped from a flight

I’ll be doing a few posts for their blog where I’ll talk about travel tips and experiences beyond the usual points and miles stuff.

Check out my first post!: Travel Insiders: Travel on the Cheap with “Out and Out”

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New App Alert: AirHelp. Know Your Options When You Get Bumped from a Flight

Ever been bumped from a flight and had no idea what your options were?

Nowadays, with mergers, elimination of hubs, and less competition on certain routes, airlines routinely oversell flights based on how many people haven’t shown up for the flight in the past. Sometimes the bumps are voluntary, and fliers are happy to accept a voucher or rebooking for a future flight. But what if you’re bumped against your will? What are your options?

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