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How I’m Using Todoist to Organize My Days and (Travel) Goals

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I wrote last week about 5 new apps that are revolutionizing my workflow, the way I approach my days, and overall helping me kick ass with goals and productivity.

I mentioned a to-do app called Swipes that has great reviews.

Come to find out, there are about a zillion apps that all attempt to accomplish the same thing (I know, duh, right?).

To that end, I explored a few more, and for whatever reason, Todoist grabbed me and swept me away.

todoist review


Not only is it a great place to store to-do lists, but it’s also helping me organize my personal and travel goals.

What’s Todoist?

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Clear the Clutter: 5 Apps to Organize Your Digital Life to Create Clarity

I had to take a stand. My digital life was becoming unwieldy.

I’d groan when another email came in. It took multiple clicks to find events on different calendars. Multiple email accounts.

Information spread out in too many places. Not enough good stuff, and too much trouble to find anything enjoyable.

I was beginning to stagnate in the sheer stuffness of it all. Actually, I was stagnating. I got there.


Ahhh, yes… Clean simplicity leads to increased productivity, fewer errors, and a clearer mind

I pared my digital life down to a few basic apps. It’s been a few days now and I’m already used to my new workflows.

Better yet, the space in my mind allows me to think more clearly, make fewer mistakes, and get my work done faster.

I’m not a productivity blogger, but I do like to be productive. Maybe this’ll help you, or at least turn you on to a few new ways of doing things.

The clutter has GOT to go

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