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Off to Seattle & My First FTU!

By the time this is up, I’ll already be in Seattle. 

However, right now, I am on a Delta plane burning the last of my SkyMiles.

To lament briefly, it’s a shame. I love Delta’s brand, operations, flight attendants, and route network. They are a huge presence here in NYC, both at LGA and JFK. It would be so easy to pledge my loyalty to Delta. But all the other stuff makes me not want to have anything to do with them – the gutting of SkyMiles, the way they treat their “partners”, the unannounced changes, and all the rest. 

In any regard, I am enjoying the flight and service, and am excited about getting to Seattle. It will be my first time there, and my first FTU. 

Will definitely report back about my stays at Hyatt Place and the airport Marriott in Seattle, impressions of Delta First Class, and of course all the things I learned at FTU. 

If you happen to be there, totally say hello. There’s a pic of me on the About page (and in various trip reports). 

Happy travels!