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Blog news: Out and Out is joining BoardingArea!

Joining the fam

Joining the fam

I am very excited to announce that Out and Out is set to join the network of bloggers at BoardingArea and Prior2Boarding!

This is an awesome way to start off 2015, as the blog continues to find its focus.

The future

Not a lot will change as far as content on the blog, not any time soon any way. It’s always evolving, and I want to make sure I give it the space it needs to let that happen. This transition won’t interrupt the direction the blog is going in, and if anything, I expect a new network to help it along even more.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know some of the readers and interacting via email and social media and hope that will happen even more this year.

The look and feel of Out and Out won’t change much besides a banner at the top and maybe a few BoardingArea-related tweaks. I’ve always enjoyed a good thought experiment, so maybe we will throw up some things to see what works and what doesn’t.

Bottom line

All of this has been a few months in the making and the transition is finally about to happen – so be on the lookout for the new site in the coming weeks!

Many, many thanks to my readers, to Randy Petersen, and to the entire crew at BoardingArea. Thank you thank you thank you.