DENIED! No 3rd Discover it® Cashback Match™ Card for Me 😿

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Right after I got a 2nd Chase British Airways card, I trotted over to the Discover website hoping to pick up a 3rd Discover it® – Cashback Match™ card.

Last week, I had 2 Discover It cards. So I closed Discover It #1. With Discover It #2, I’m expecting a sweet $800+ cashback match next month:

discover it 3rd year


Last year, I got back $1,100 in cashback match. So Discover has been generous to me, doubtlessly.

But, you can only have 2 Discover cards at once, so if I wanted #3, that meant #1 had to go.

I checked to make sure over a year had passed since I opened #2.

Good to go?

I waited until September 8th passed, and then a few extra days to be on the safe side. Then, with zeal in my little eye, I prepared my grubby mitts for a new Discover It – and a new year of that sweet cashback match.

PWND! No Discover it® – Cashback Match™ for you!

Palms clammy, I was assured of approval. I even picked the new rainbow design for the card I was so certain to get:


But then:


So I called the number and spoke to a representative. I pointed out that it had been over a year. Not by much, but past the year mark surely.

She kept saying “at this time” “at this time.” So I asked how long they’d like me to wait before I apply again. She said there’s no specific timeframe but I am welcome to apply “at a later date.”

I don’t know if that means next week, next month, or what.

What does this mean for Discover cards?

Last year, peeps weren’t sure if you could even get a second Discover It card with cashback match. And this year, there were similarly no data points if you could get a third card. But, I just tried, and was denied without much explanation. And the Discover rep couldn’t give me any specific information. Though she did invite me to apply again “at a later date,” which is vague.

So basically, nothing to take away from the experience other than… no means no. It should still be possible to get a 2nd card though, as long as a year has passed since you got the 1st one.

I will always love the Discover it® – Cashback Match™ card (for a year)

If you’re never had the Discover It card, OMG huddle forth. It has practical 5% cashback categories that rotate quarterly. Here are/were 2017’s bonus categories:

I used/will use them all this year

That’s nice and all, but the real magic lies in the cashback match – which I lovingly call The Dublin.

After the 12th billing cycle, Discover matches all the cashback you’ve earned and gives you a lump deposit on your 13th billing statement. That means all the cashback you earn from the 5% bonus categories effectively doubles to 10%.

I love Discover’s shopping portal

Even better, anything you earn from the fantastic Discover Deals shopping portal, any referrals you make, and the $50 sign-up bonus – are all doubled too.

That’s why I say this card is amazing – for the 1st year at least. In fact, this card is criminally underrated. Discover is a generous bank, the card is fantastic, and approvals are generally easy.

If you’re over Chase 5/24 and pecking around for a decent card to earn some rewards with, I heartily recommend this card. After all, I wanted 3 of ’em!

If you sign up with my link, you’ll get $50 in cash back after your 1st purchase made within 3 months of account opening. And of course that’s doubled after your 12th billing cycle, in addition to everything else you earn.

Bottom line

Thought I’d share in case others are in a similar situation. While I’m sad to lose another year of The Dublin, I did enjoy the $2,200 I got in Year 1 and the $1,700 I got/will get this year (Year 2). But alas, it looks like Year 3 is out of reach… for now.

I’m oddly fine about it because soon enough, I’ll have $20,000 in spend to complete on the Chase British Airways card. So that’ll keep me busy for a while. Maybe by the time that’s done, Discover will let me squeak by for that 3rd year.

If you’ve never had the Discover It card, it’s one I highly recommend for the:

  • Usually excellent quarterly bonus categories
  • Access to Discover Deals shopping portal
  • Fairly reliable $10 per month Kohl’s coupon
  • Ability to stack portal payouts with bonus categories to earn even more
  • Bonus category backup in case you max it out with Chase Freedom (like I did this quarter with restaurants)
  • Fact that it’s not a Chase, Citi, or Amex card

Another part of me is like… whoa, the good deals are getting more scarce. I can’t say I’m surprised by Discover’s decision, but it does sting a little. Especially because I do carry the card with me so frequently. Ah, well. Smile because it happened, right?

I’ll have to revisit this card after my second Dublin next month…

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  1. The Discover It card is effectively a 1% card while the Discover It Miles card is effectively a 1.5% card. Both can be redeemed for cash. Why would anyone get the It card over the It Miles card when both double after 12 months and the Miles card earns 50% more per $1 spent? I’ve gotta be missing something.

    • The 5% bonus categories!

      If you max them all out, that’s $600 back after the 1st year. Of course, if you don’t care about those categories, then yes, the Miles card is a better bet for everyday spending. But even at 3% cashback, I’d rather just earn Starwood points. Now 10% back… that gets my attention, personally.

      • Ahh, categories. Some of them I’d max out in a few hours, but $600/year is nothing to sneeze at. Can I get both cards at the same time to combine pulls and optimize spend?

        • I believe you have to wait exactly 1 year before you get the second card and you can *only* have 2 cards at once with Discover. That’s why I was trying to space it out and canceled the 1st card. Discover is a conservative bank – I don’t think you could get both at the same time, unfortch.

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